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Parker Schnabel Net Worth: 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know



Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Park Schnabel is a gold miner who features in the hit show called “Gold Rush”. He is considered one of the youngest yet still one of the most successful in the business.

Here are some interesting facts about Parker Schnabel:

1. Parker Schnabel net worth is estimated to be $8 million

After years and years of hard work, learnings, and development of skills, he has become an expert in the trade. It has definitely paid off if we are to look at his net worth which today stands at $8 million. It is reported that in his career, he has mined more than $13 million in gold. Moreover, he also gets paid around $25,000 per episode in Gold Rush.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2019 $8 million
Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2018 $5.5 million
Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2017 $4 million

2. Parker started his mining business through his college fund


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From a young age, Parker was exposed to the mining business through his grandfather who acted as a mentor for him. When he was only 16 years old, he had the courage to take over the business from his grandfather. Parker was clear upon what he wanted to do in life and when the time came to decide about whether to go to college or do gold mining, he confidently chose the latter one. In order to start operations, he used his college fund savings and put it into his mining operation.

3. He has been consistently dubbed as “Rookie of the Year”

Even fast forward to today, he is still in his early 20’s. Yet, he is considered as one of the most successful in the business helping him to gain the title of “Rookie of the Year”. In his rookie season, he mined 1029 ounces of gold. For a first timer, this is an outstanding number. He has transferred the expertise knowledge that was present in his grandfather and as a result, at such a young age he has been so successful.

4. He has been said to be the most difficult crew to work with

The cameras follow the work that Parker and his team every day throughout the span of five months every season. The Gold Rush crew says that Parker isn’t the easiest one to work with at all since he has shown behaviors of having the least regard for the camera making the life of the crew harder for production.

Moreover, when he has free time, he is least bothered for another scene or interview. Yet, the crew has said that food is his weak spot and tends to bribe him with foods in order to get clips out of him. Apparently, Parker is so busy in his work that he sometimes doesn’t have the priority to eat right in time.

5. He receives unusual birthday gifts

Parker isn’t the average guy in their early 20’s. Many at this age have different priorities in life and probably want fun stuff on their birthday like a gaming system or maybe some luxuries. Yet, Parker couldn’t be more different. He is working full-time to run his gold mine and as a result, prefers to get equipment as gifts from his friends and family.

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