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Travis Hollman Net Worth- How Rich Is Stephanie Hollman’s Husband?



Travis Hollman Net Worth

Travis Hollman is a Businessman, innovator, and philanthropist. He is currently the President and CEO of Hollman Inc. which is a well-known company working on making sports, fitness, and office lockers. As of 2019, Travis Hollman net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

His father had initially founded the company and formed the base for the company. But, after the Recession, the company was in a downward spiral. It was here that the company needed new leadership with someone who can equip the company for the future disruptions to happen.

Here, Travis stepped in and took over the company. It was also time for his father to retire by this time. Since, he took over the business, the company would soon be transformed from the ground up with the company becoming focused on custom manufacturing, which Travis believed to be the future.

Because of such changes, Hollman Inc. was able to make $75 million in revenues this year. The company has grown by eight times since he took over which is a good measure of far they have truly come in business. Yet, Travis has even bigger ambitions with his belief that the company can reach upto $250 million in revenue.

He has recognized that change is happening faster than ever in today’s world of business and has started with new innovative policies with some of them even being radical. He has even started a program where senior employees will  have their children’s tuition fees covered under a policy.

If we are to look back at his career before entering the family business, we can see that he was already working on different ventures. One of them was a venture called Vacation In a Bottle which was branded as America’s first “relaxation drink”.

Travis is married to Stephanie Hollman, who is currently a part of the Real Housewives of Dallas. The two are actively involved in philanthropy through their involvement in Big Brothers Big Sisters. The couple have two sons named Chance and Cruz.

Travis Hollman Net Worth: $20 million

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