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TrOyMaN Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper Actually?



TrOyMaN Net Worth

Troyman is an American rapper who is best known for recently appearing in the new Netflix series called Rhythm + Flow which is a competition exclusively dedicated to celebrating and identifying upcoming rappers. He did very well in the competition being able to become a top-four finalist therein along with Londynn B, Flawless, and D Smoke. As of 2019, TrOyMaN net worth is estimated to be $250,000

He grew up in the Bay Area of California and the environment was such that he was easily influenced into the world of hip hop at a very young age since this is the same place that bred legends such as Digital Underground and Tupac Shakur.

He has been active in rap since 2009 with his first official work being called “The Preview” in 2009. Troyman has also made performances in BET’s 106th and Park “Wild Out Wednesday”. Moreover, he has also been able to receive awards such as Best Independent Hip Hop Artist in 2009’s MTV’s Atlanta’s Best Independent Artist.

Therefore, when the opportunity at Rhythm + Flow came, he was ready. He was applauded for his confidence, which some did take for cockiness, but was backed up by his electric and original performances. T.I. was specifically impressed by his wordplay while he was also mentioned for his presence while performing.

With Netflix, he now has a recording contract. Moreover, he has also earned great exposure through the show as starting with only some thousands of followers, his following has now reached more than 340k.

He has already started working on his brand and even released a limited edition line of merchandise which had the tagline of Lyrical Since Umbilical. In the finale of the show, he performed his original called “Streetlights” and now he has recently released it as a single as well.

Troyman says that he is now planning on releasing an album soon and is more confident than ever after his recent release “Free Gold” was able to receive a lot of positive response.

TrOyMaN Net Worth: $250,000

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