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Bruce H. Mann Net Worth- How Rich is Elizabeth Warren’s Husband?



Bruce H. Mann Net Worth

Bruce Hartling Mann is the Carl F. Schipper, Jr. Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. The husband of Elizabeth Warren, the U.S. Senator, Mann focuses on legal history and he has done a lot of research focusing on the relationship between legal, social, and economic change in early America. As of 2019, Bruce H. Mann net worth is at least $2 million.

Mann was born on April 27, 1950, in Hingham, Massachusetts. He studied at Hingham High School from where he graduated in 1968. He was an Ivy League scholar during his time and would go on to study at Brown University from where he received A.B. and A.M. degrees in 1972. Moreover, he also holds M.Phil., J.D., and Ph.D. degrees from Yale University.


After graduating, Mann would start to focus on teaching with his first association being with the University of Connecticut School of Law. In further years in his career, Mann would teach in a number of reputed universities including Washington University in St. Louis, University of Pennsylvania Law School, University of Houston, University of Texas, University of Michigan, and Princeton University.

As of now, he is one of the teachers at Harvard Law School where he has been active since 2006. There, his focus is on teaching a course in American legal history, property, and trusts and estates law. He is even licensed practitioner of law in Connecticut since 1975. Moreover, Mann has written two books as well with one being named Neighbors and Strangers: Law and Community in Early Connecticut that was published in 2001.

His better known book is called the Republic of Debtors: Bankruptcy in the Age of American Independence which has covered the scenario of debt in the context of 18th century America. He is a well-respected scholar having won several awards for his works including winning the SHEAR Book Prize from the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic. Two more prestigious awards that he has earned include Littleton-Griswold Prize from the American Historical Association and J. Willard Hurst Prize from the Law and Society Association.

Bruce H. Mann and Elizabeth Warren

He is known in the public eye for being the husband of U.S. Senator named Elizabeth Warren, who is currently running in the Presidential candidacy in 2020 from the Democratic side. Warren is also a professor but hasn’t been as active as she is preparing for the presidential candidacy run. The two had first met during a law conference that was held in Florida and there was a feeling of connection instantly.

Warren would be the one to propose to Mann after he had finished one of his lectures. The two once mentioned that they had never thought that they would become present in the public arena since both of them have had careers focused on academics. Mann has been very supportive of Warren’s run with him being present in all of her major campaign activities.

Mann is actually Warren’s second husband. Warren has children named Amelia Warren Tyagi and Alexander Warren from her previous relationship that had ended in divorce.

Mann is actually very close with them as a step-dad and Warren even mentioned how he makes time to coach them and attend the parent-teacher conferences. The two also have a dog named Bailey who is frequently seen even during the campaign events.

Bruce H. Mann Net Worth

Mann and Warren have a combined estimated net worth of $15 million. They had made their tax returns of the last 10 years public that provided transparency about the wealth that they hold. They are estimated to have at least $4 million in their TIAA and CREF accounts. Whilst, they also have two pieces of real estate that include a $3 million Victorian in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and an $800,000 condo in Washington, D.C.

The couple apparently earned around $10 million between 2008 and 2018. Mann personally earned around $400,000 last year alone from his different streams of income while Warren has earned through her writing, teaching, consulting and investing activities.

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