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Hero Fiennes Tiffin Net Worth: How Rich is the English Actor?



Hero Fiennes Tiffin Net Worth

Hero Beauregard Faulkner Fiennes-Tiffin is an English actor and model. He is best known for playing the role of a character named Hardin Scott in the 2019 film called After that was a big hit among the younger audiences. As of 2020, Hero Fiennes Tiffin net worth is estimated to be $700,000.

Fiennes was born on November 6, 1997, in London, United Kingdom. He studied at Emanuel School in Battersea.  He once mentioned in an interview that one of his earliest motivations to go to auditions was to have a genuine reason to skip school. Later on, he went on to get roles and his career started seeing some direction.

Hero actually comes from a family that is well into the film industry. His parents are film directors named George Tiffin and Martha Fiennes. He also has an older brother and a younger sister.

He is popularly known to be a part of the Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes family with his great-grandfather being the industrialist named Sir Maurice Fiennes. His uncles are actors Ralph Fiennes and Joseph Fiennes with Ralph being well known for playing the role of Voldemort in the Harry Potter franchise.


Yet, he and his family were sensible enough to realize that acting is not a sure shot field and as a result, he has also tried his hand at landscaping and renovation of properties. Thankfully, he didn’t have to take that path since his career seems to be moving in the right direction right now. One of his earliest appearances on film actually came in 2008 in a film called Bigga Than Ben where he played a character named Spartak.

He would later be cast in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on a small role of a young Voldemort. Since the role was not very significant though the film was, it didn’t really affect him in terms of popularity growing up since he was just transitioning into puberty. Some of the key traits that directors have appreciated about Hero is that he is very disciplined, focused, as well as organized.

His major breakthrough would come when he was successfully able to land the role of the lead character named Hardin Scott in the film called After which is actually based upon New York Times best-selling book of the same name. The book was actually first published online where it received a massive 1.5 billion reads on Wattpad. Many of Harry Styles fans were interested in this movie since the writer had mentioned that the lead character would share some traits with him.

But, Hero personally doesn’t know Harry nor does he see much similarity in terms of the character in the film which is of a bad boy who a young college student falls for. He also won the Choice Drama Movie Actor award at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards for his role in the film. His popularity boomed after the film and it might boom even further as he is set to appear in it’s sequel called After We Collided.

Other than that, in the past, he has been a part of works such as ‘Private Peaceful’, ‘Safe’ on Netflix and ‘Cleaning Up’ on ITV. Hero, who also recently won the Ischia Rising Star Award, has also gotten a supporting role in a thriller called The Silencing which he says is a different character from that in After.

Hero Fiennes Tiffin Net Worth

Hero Fiennes Tiffin has an estimated net worth of $700,000. His Bad Boy image has attracted a lot of women fans to him garnering over 3.4 million followers on Instagram. Hero personally tries to have a boundary with social media but he has kept Instagram as that is a major medium for promotion for him and his career.

Moreover, he is also an active model having modeled for brands such as Prada as well as Dolce & Gabbana. Yet, he says that acting is the more creatively fulfilling career and that is where he wants to direct his focus in.

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