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Kimmi Grant Net Worth: How Rich is Maurice Scott’s Wife Actually?



Kimmie Grant Net Worth

Kimmi Grant Scott is a TV Personality, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Agent. She is best known for being one of the stars of the show called Love & Marriage: Huntsville. Moreover, she is also the Executive Director of the not-for-profit Home Health Agency. As of 2019, Kimmi Grant net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Scott studied at the University of Alabama which is located in Huntsville. There, she would get her undergraduate and graduate through which she became a Registered Nurse. This was the career that she pursued moving forward in her life as well for quite some time.

Yet, later on, Scott would start to work as a real estate agent. Her career as a nurse was very helpful in her climb to success as she knew how to provide fine customer service. Because of her ability to build smooth relationships, she has been able to become a well-achieved real estate agent currently working for Capstone Realty.

Kimberlee is an active member of the sorority of college-educated women who share the common shared purpose of providing public service, especially to the African American community. Moreover, she has even turned her love and passion for cooking into a business called K&K Catering.

Kimmi is married to Maurice Scott. The two had their wedding in Miami in a yacht. They are seen in the show Love & Marriage: Huntsville where their ambitious minds are seen creating a synergy that results in a positive impact in Hunstville for community development through real estate growth and business development.

The two are actually very different and do have their share of difficulties running the businesses since Kimmie is mostly a Type A personality who likes to be organized while Maurice has more of a laid back approach yet the visionary of the company. But, the results that they have been able to provide working in synergy is far more effective than any differences that they share.

Kimmi Grant Net Worth: $10 million

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