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Jelly Roll’s Net Worth: 10 things you need to know. Q&A



Jelly Rolls Net Worth

Jelly Roll’s Net Worth: From the Streets to Stardom

Jelly Roll’s net worth in 2023 is a testament to the Nashville native’s remarkable journey from adversity to musical acclaim. With an estimated net worth of $6 million, Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason DeFord, has navigated through a turbulent past to emerge as a multi-faceted artist, blending the grit of hip-hop with the soulful tunes of country music. In this narrative, we delve into the financial ascent of Jelly Roll, exploring the strides he’s made in his career, the challenges encountered due to his past legal tussles, and how his authenticity and musical prowess have crafted a lucrative path in a competitive industry.

Jelly Roll’s Net Worth: A Glimpse into His Financial Journey Jelly Roll’s net worth, which stands at an impressive $6 million in 2023, is a narrative of persistence, talent, and overcoming societal hurdles. The artist has not only amassed wealth but has also managed to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving music scene. However, the road to financial stability has been anything but smooth, given his rough beginnings marked by legal entanglements and a stint in prison at the age of 16. The journey from selling mixtapes from the trunk of his car to headlining sold-out shows mirrors the artist’s financial evolution.

Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll

Income Streams: The Wellspring of Jelly Roll’s Net Worth The substantial net worth of Jelly Roll is a culmination of various income streams, primarily hinged on his music career. Revenue from live concerts, private events, and sponsorships have significantly contributed to his financial portfolio. His earnings from YouTube, where some of his tracks have garnered millions of views, add substantially to his wealth. Moreover, album sales and collaborations with other artists have also played a pivotal role in building Jelly Roll’s net worth over the years.

Costs and Challenges: The Detours on the Road to Wealth Despite his financial success, Jelly Roll’s net worth could have soared higher were it not for the hurdles presented by his past criminal record. From difficulties in touring overseas to encountering obstacles when attempting to purchase a home in a high-end community, the scars of his past have somewhat stymied his financial growth. The costs related to legal battles, such as the one with Waffle House over a mixtape title, have also dented his earnings.

The Breakdown: Jelly Roll’s Net Worth After Expenses After diving into the fiscal details, it’s revealed that Jelly Roll’s net worth after expenses stands at $2.72 million as of 2023. A chunk of his earnings has been directed toward taxes, personal expenses, and business-related costs, which are inevitable in the life of a successful artist. However, his savvy investment decisions have cushioned him from financial pitfalls and added a feather to his financial cap.

The Concert Earnings: A Lucrative Aspect of Jelly Roll’s Net Worth One of the lucrative facets of Jelly Roll’s financial journey is his earnings from live performances. With a price tag ranging from $200,000 to $749,000 for bookings, Jelly Roll’s concerts are not only a musical extravaganza but also a significant income generator. His sold-out shows, such as the one at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, reflect his immense popularity and the substantial revenue from live performances, contributing to Jelly Roll’s net worth.

Conclusion: Jelly Roll’s net worth in 2023 is a narrative of triumph over adversity, a tale of how raw talent coupled with an indomitable spirit can carve a path to financial success, even when the odds are stacked against one. Jelly Roll’s story resonates with many, and his financial ascent is a melody of hope to the underdog, echoing the limitless possibilities awaiting those who dare to dream and work towards turning their dreams into reality.

Jelly Roll and daughter on stage

Jelly Roll and daughter on stage

Jelly Roll: The Harmonic Rebel of Nashville

In the rich tapestry of music where genres often intermingle, every so often emerges an artist who embodies the essence of musical evolution. One such extraordinary artist is Nashville’s very own Jelly Roll, born as Jason DeFord. Under the evocative moniker of Jelly Roll, he embarked on a melodious journey, melding the potent narratives of rap with the heart-warming tunes of country music. His story is a melody of trials, triumphs, and resonant tunes that echo in the hearts of the overlooked and the underdogs. His career, akin to the dynamic prospects of artists in the entertainment industry, showcases how sheer talent can transcend conventional boundaries and carve a unique musical niche.

Early Life that led to Jelly Roll’s Net Worth.

Growing up in the Antioch neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee, Jelly Roll’s early life was a rough ride. Born to a father with a knack for questionable ventures and a mother battling the storms of mental health and addiction, young Jason found himself caught in a whirlwind of adversities from an early age. A misguided venture at the age of 14 propelled him into a life of legal entanglements, marking the start of a turbulent journey filled with youthful detentions and prison stints. However, amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerged—a budding passion for music.

Drawn to the lyrical genius of southern rap maestros like Three 6 Mafia, UGK, and 8Ball & MJG, Jason began exploring the rich alleys of music. Soon, he was crafting his verses, which burgeoned into a robust collection of mixtapes sold straight from the trunk of his car. His initial endeavor, “The Plain Shmear Tape,” in 2003, marked the foundation of a riveting musical journey that transcended multiple genres.

Jelly Rolls Net Worth

Jelly Rolls Net Worth

Musical Evolution – to Jelly Roll’s Net Worth

Jelly Roll’s venture into the music scene began primarily with rap, deeply rooted in the influences of southern hip-hop. His journey started with distributing mixtapes and performing locally, slowly gaining traction within the underground rap community. His collaborative venture with Memphis rapper Lil Wyte on the track “Pop Another Pill” marked a significant milestone, garnering over 6.3 million YouTube views, heralding the dawn of recognition for Jelly Roll.

The subsequent years saw Jelly Roll exploring and expanding his musical horizons. His album “Ballads of the Broken” in 2021 was a turning point, showcasing a genre-defying style that garnered significant attention. His unique blend of rap and country was encapsulated in tracks like “Dead Man Walking” and “Son of a Sinner,” which resonated profoundly with a broader audience.

The crescendo of his musical voyage was the release of “Whitsitt Chapel” in 2023. The album was a symphony of rap, rock, and country wrapped in the essence of Southern soul. It not only topped the charts but also marked Jelly Roll’s entry into the echelons of country music stardom.

Career Highlights and Personal Struggles that brought Jelly Roll’s Net Worth to where it is today.

Jelly Rolls Net Worth

Jelly Rolls Net Worth

Jelly Roll’s career is a melody of enduring spirit and creativity, intertwining elements of rap, rock, and country music, reflecting the broader musical canvas of Nashville. His journey commenced with local performances and distributing mixtapes, with “Whiskey, Weed & Waffle House” creating quite a stir. This mixtape, despite landing him in a legal wrangle with Waffle House, showcased his authentic style.

His affinity for Waffle House extended beyond a quirky tidbit; it mirrored a broader appreciation for the Southern lifestyle, profoundly influencing his music. Despite the legal hiccup, Jelly Roll’s humor and love for the eatery shone through, displaying a side of the artist that resonates with his audience—genuine, relatable, and resilient.

With time, Jelly Roll matured both musically and personally, retaining his essential essence. His collaborative ventures with artists like Lil Wyte, Haystak, and Struggle Jennings, along with his warm reception in the country music scene, signify a maverick finding his ground amid a community of like-minded spirits.

Jelly Roll’s narrative unravels with his enthralling mix of humor, real-life struggles, and musical versatility. His candid expression about past adversities, love for his daughter Bailee, and aspirations for a brighter future echo in his music, making him a relatable figure to many.

Recent Achievements

Jelly Roll’s debut country album “Whitsitt Chapel,” released on June 2, 2023, made a significant impact, debuting Top 3 on the Billboard 200 All Genre Chart and #2 on the Top Country Album charts. It was noted as the biggest country debut album in Billboard Consumption Chart history. He also earned three awards at the 2023 CMT Music Awards, becoming the most-awarded artist of the night, and received Billboard’s 2023 Breakthrough Award. His hit single “Save Me” garnered over 155 million views on YouTube and received Platinum certification from the RIAA.

Impact and Future Endeavors

Jelly Rolls Net Worth

Jelly Rolls Net Worth

Beyond his music, Jelly Roll’s honest narrative about overcoming addiction and his past resonates deeply with his audience, making him a relatable figure. He also plans to engage in criminal justice reform discussions, emphasizing rehabilitation over discipline showcasing a commitment to addressing broader societal issues.

In conclusion, Jelly Roll’s journey from a troubled past to a thriving country music career showcases resilience, a seamless transition between genres, and a dedication to forging a deep connection with audiences. His story continues to unfold as he hones his platform to advocate for change, showcasing the potential for redemption and impact beyond the music, embodying the Symphony of Resilience resounding through the Country Rap lanes of Nashville. Through the highs and lows, Jelly Roll’s authentic narrative and genre-blending music continue to carve a unique space in the ever-evolving world of music, resonating with individuals who find solace in his lyrical sagas.

A Deep Dive with Jelly Roll: From Struggles to Stardom: Q&A

Jelly Rolls Net Worth

Jelly Rolls Net Worth

Q: Can you tell us about your early life and how it influenced your music?

A: I was born on December 4, 1984, in Antioch, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up in a mobile home community with a meat salesman father and a mother battling mental health issues and addiction wasn’t easy. These experiences significantly influenced my music, pushing me to explore hardship, hope, and redemption themes.

Q: When did you first get into music?

A: My musical journey began in hip-hop, inspired by rappers like Three 6 Mafia, UGK, and 8Ball & MJG. I sold mixtapes out of my car and eventually collaborated with Memphis rapper Lil Wyte on ‘Pop Another Pill’ in 2010, marking the start of my professional career.

Q: You have a unique blend of rap, rock, and country in your music. How did this fusion come about?

A: Over the years, my musical style evolved to embody a blend of rap, rock, and country, reflecting my diverse musical influences and my Tennessee roots. The genre fusion really hit a stride with my album “Ballads of the Broken” in 2021, which featured ‘Dead Man Walking,’ my first No. 1 on rock radio, and ‘Son of a Sinner,’ my entry into country music.

Q: Tell us about your journey to country music stardom.

A: With the success of ‘Son of a Sinner,’ the doors to the country music community swung open. My debut country album, “Whitsitt Chapel,” released in June 2023, topped the Billboard Top Rock Albums and Top Independent Albums, marking my establishment in the country music scene.

Q: How does having a No. 1 country single and several chart-topping albums feel?

A: It’s a surreal feeling, to say the least. The love and acceptance from the country music community have been overwhelming, and seeing my albums and singles perform well on the charts is a testament to the genuine connection my music has with the listeners.

Q: You’ve collaborated with several artists. How have these collaborations shaped your music?

A: Collaborations have played a crucial role in my musical evolution. Working with artists like Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, and Tech N9ne has not only expanded my musical horizons but has also led to some incredible music that resonates with a wide audience.

Q: You’ve faced quite a few hardships in your life. How have these experiences influenced your music?

A: My past, filled with bouts of hardship, including dealing drugs and multiple incarcerations, has been a driving force behind my music. It’s through these raw and real experiences that I find the inspiration to create music that speaks to people facing similar struggles.

Q: You’ve won awards in the country music scene. How does it feel to be recognized in this way?

A: Winning awards like Male Video of the Year and Breakthrough Artist of the Year is an honor. It’s a beautiful validation of the connection my music has made with the audience and a motivator to continue creating music that resonates.

Jelly Roll with wife

Jelly Roll with wife

Q: Your family seems to play a significant role in your life and music. Can you share more about that?

A: Absolutely. My wife Bunnie, my daughter Bailee, and my son Noah are my world. They’ve supported me through thick and thin, and they’re the reason I strive to create better music and a better life. Bailee even featured on one of my songs, “Tears Could Talk,” which is a beautiful testament to the bond we share.

Q: What’s next for Jelly Roll?

A: There’s a lot in the pipeline. I’m continually working on new music, exploring new collaborations, and hoping to continue connecting with my fans through my unique blend of genre-fusing music. The journey so far has been incredible, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Q: What would you like to say to your growing army of fans?

A: I’m eternally grateful for the love and support. It’s the fans that have made Jelly Roll what it is today. I promise to continue making “real music for real people with real problems,” and I hope my music continues to bring solace and hope to everyone who listens to it.

Q: Your name, Jelly Roll, is quite unique. How did that come about?

A: My mother came up with the nickname Jelly Roll when I was a child. I was a chubby kid, and as I explained on The Bobby Bones Show, I “look[ed] the part.” The name just stuck and became my stage persona.

Q: You’ve had quite a journey from dealing drugs to becoming a celebrated artist. Can you share a bit about your transformation?

A: My life took a serious turn when my daughter Bailee Ann was born in 2008. I realized I needed to make substantial life changes to provide a better future for her. Music became my refuge and a way to share my stories, struggles, and hopes with others going through similar situations.

Q: You have an extensive discography with over 20 albums, EPs, and mixtapes since 2011. How do you keep your music fresh and relatable over time?

A: I believe it’s about staying true to myself and my experiences. My music is a reflection of my life’s journey, and as long as I continue to grow and evolve, my music will too.

Q: You’ve broken into the country music scene relatively recently. What motivated this transition?

A: I’ve always had a love for country music, and my Tennessee roots naturally pull me towards that genre. With my album “Ballads of the Broken,” I found a way to blend my rap background with country and rock, connecting with a new community of fans.

Q: Your album Whitsitt Chapel has achieved considerable success. What was the inspiration behind it?

A: “Whitsitt Chapel” is a culmination of my musical journey, blending country, soul, and southern rock. It’s about real people, real problems, and the hope that keeps us going. The reception it has received is both humbling and motivating.

Q: Your single ‘Son of a Sinner’ opened many doors for you in the country music scene. Can you tell us more about the story behind this song?

A: ‘Son of a Sinner’ is a deeply personal track that explores the complexities of my past while expressing hope and redemption. It resonated with many listeners, and I believe it’s the authenticity of the narrative that helped bridge my transition into the country music community.

Q: You have a signature blend of rap, rock, and country music. Who are your musical influences?

A: Besides the early influence of rappers like Three 6 Mafia and UGK, I’ve been inspired by a variety of artists across genres. The blend of rap, rock, and country allows me to express myself in a unique way that resonates with a wide audience.

Q: Your collaborations with Struggle Jennings have led to speculation about a family connection to Waylon Jennings. Can you clarify that?

A: While I’ve had the privilege of working with Struggle Jennings, I’m not related to Waylon Jennings or Willie Nelson. Our collaboration has produced some notable music projects, but any family connection is merely speculation.

Q: You’ve been open about your past struggles with the law. How has overcoming these challenges shaped you as an artist?

A: Overcoming past challenges has given me a deeper understanding of life and a treasure trove of experiences to draw from in my music. It’s about turning negatives into positives and providing hope for others who might be going through similar struggles.

Q: Your tattoos are quite distinctive. Do they tell a story or represent particular aspects of your life or beliefs?

A: Yes, my tattoos are a reflection of my life’s journey, each marking different chapters and experiences. They’re a part of who I am as a person and as an artist, adding a visual narrative to the stories I tell through my music.

Q: You’ve collaborated with a variety of artists like Lil Wyte, Tech N9ne, and Struggle Jennings over the years. How have these collaborations influenced your musical style?

A: Collaborations have been a cornerstone of my musical journey. Working with diverse artists has allowed me to explore different sounds and narratives, enriching my own style and broadening my musical horizons.

Q: Your family seems to play a significant role in your life and music. How do they feel about your success in the industry?

A: My family has been a pillar of support throughout my career. The joy and pride they feel towards my achievements fuel my drive to continue making music that resonates with people and makes a difference.

Q: In your music, you often delve into themes of addiction, struggle, and redemption. Why are these themes important to you?

A: These themes are a reflection of my life’s journey. It’s important to me to share these experiences, as I believe music can be a source of solace, understanding, and hope for others facing similar struggles.

Q: Your career took a significant turn with the release of the album “Ballads of the Broken” in 2021. What makes this album special to you?

A: “Ballads of the Broken” was a turning point as it encapsulated my transition into a genre-blending artist. It was gratifying to see the album resonate with so many people and open doors into the country music scene.

Q: The country rap genre is gaining traction, with artists like you leading the way. Where do you see this genre heading in the future?

A: The blending of country and rap showcases the evolving landscape of music. I believe as artists continue to explore and blend genres, we’ll see more innovative and heartfelt music that resonates with a wider audience.

Q: Your breakout single ‘Need A Favor’ topped the country charts in July 2023. Can you share the inspiration behind this track?

A: ‘Need A Favor’ is about reaching out for support during tough times and the importance of community. It’s a call for empathy and understanding, themes that are very close to my heart.

Q: How has your Nashville upbringing influenced your musical journey?

A: Growing up in Nashville, surrounded by rich musical heritage, has deeply influenced my love for storytelling through music. The blend of urban and country sounds in the city reflects my genre-blending style.

Q: You’ve had a long journey from selling mixtapes out of your car to topping the charts. How does it feel looking back at your evolution as an artist?

A: It’s been a humbling and enriching journey. Every struggle and success along the way has shaped me as an artist. Looking back, I’m grateful for the experiences and the people who’ve been part of this incredible journey.

Q: Your wife, Bunnie DeFord, seems to play a significant role in your life. How has she contributed to your music career?

A: Bunnie has been my rock. Her support and belief in me have been instrumental in my career. She’s not only my life partner but also a great collaborator in my music journey.

Q: What message do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

A: I hope my music offers a sense of hope, resilience, and the assurance that no matter the struggles, it’s possible to overcome and find redemption. Through my narrative, I aim to make a positive impact on my listeners’ lives.

Q: Your mixtape ‘Whiskey, Weed, & Women’ had to undergo a name change due to a legal dispute. How did this experience impact you?

A: The experience was a reminder of the legal frameworks surrounding branding and titles in the music industry. It was a learning curve, but it didn’t deter me from expressing my creativity and sharing my story through music.

Q: You’ve released a notable amount of albums, EPs, and mixtapes since 2011. How do you stay inspired to keep producing new music?

A: My life experiences, my family, and the stories of the people I meet on my journey keep me inspired. Music is a way for me to process, reflect, and communicate, and there’s always something new to share and explore.

Q: Your debut country album ‘Whitsitt Chapel’ had an incredible reception, topping several charts. What was the creative process behind this album?

A: ‘Whitsitt Chapel’ was a blend of my past experiences, my roots, and my evolution as an artist. Collaborating with talented individuals and drawing from real-life narratives helped shape the album into something that resonated with many.

Jelly Rolls Net Worth

Jelly Rolls Net Worth

Q: Your music addresses real-life struggles and aims to provide hope. What has been the most rewarding feedback you’ve received from your listeners?

A: Hearing from listeners who’ve found solace, understanding, or encouragement in my music is incredibly rewarding. It reinforces my belief in the power of music to touch lives and make a positive impact.

Q: You have a unique blend of rap, rock, and country in your music. Do you have any advice for upcoming artists trying to carve out a niche in blending genres?

A: Stay true to your story, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Blending genres is about finding harmony in diversity, and it’s a journey of self-discovery. It’s important to be open to learning and evolving along the way.

Q: Your collaboration with Struggle Jennings has led to some speculation regarding a family connection to Waylon Jennings. How do you navigate such rumors and maintain a professional rapport?

A: The rumors are just that, rumors. Struggle and I share a professional rapport based on mutual respect and a shared passion for music. We focus on creating meaningful music that resonates with our listeners.

Q: You’ve won four awards during your short tenure as a country artist. How do these recognitions affect your motivation in the industry?

A: The awards are a testament to the hard work and passion that goes into my music. They motivate me to continue honing my craft, exploring new horizons, and connecting with my listeners on a deeper level.

Q: Your tattoos are quite distinctive and seem to tell a story. Could you share the significance of some of them?

A: Each tattoo represents a chapter of my life, be it struggles, triumphs, or cherished memories. They are a form of self-expression and a visual narrative of my journey so far.

Q: You’ve been in the music industry for over a decade. How do you see the landscape of country rap evolving in the next decade?

A: The genre is growing and evolving, with new artists bringing fresh perspectives. I foresee a rich and vibrant landscape where country rap continues to break barriers and resonate with a broader audience.

Q: Finally, what’s next for Jelly Roll? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations you’re excited about?

A: I’m continuously working on new music and exploring collaborative opportunities. There are some exciting projects in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share with my fans. Stay tuned!

Jelly Roll and Family: Fact Sheet

General Information:

  • Full Name: Jason DeFord
  • Stage Name: Jelly Roll
  • Date of Birth: December 4, 1984
  • Age: 38 years (as of 2023)
  • Place of Birth: Antioch, Tennessee, United States
  • Current Residence: Nashville, Tennessee, United States
  • Profession: Musician, rapper, and YouTuber
  • Genres: Rap, Country, Country Rock, Hip-hop
  • Active Years: 2010 – present

Family Information:

Jelly Roll with wife

Jelly Roll with wife

  • Father: E.P. La Menthe
  • Mother: Louise Monette
  • Brothers: Scott DeFord and Roger DeFord
  • Sisters: Shelby DeFord
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse: Bunnie XO (Bunnie DeFord)
  • Children: Daughter – Bailee Ann DeFord, Son – Noah Buddy DeFord (from a previous relationship)

Career Highlights:

  • Initial Success: Collaborated with Memphis rapper Lil Wyte on the track “Pop Another Pill” in 2010, garnering over 6.3 million views on YouTube.
  • Album Releases: Notable albums include “No Filter,” “Good Night Nashville,” “Year Round,” “A Beautiful Disaster,” “Ballads of the Broken,” and “Whitsitt Chapel” (2023).
  • Grand Ole Opry Debut: 2021
  • Awards: Won three CMT Music Awards in 2023 for the song “Son of a Sinner,” including Male Video of the Year.
  • Notable Collaborations: Collaborated with various artists like Haystak, Ryan Upchurch, Lil Wyte, Tech N9ne, and Struggle Jennings.

Financial Information:

  • Jelly Roll’s Net Worth (2023) Estimated: $6 million (Before Expenses), $2.72 million (After Expenses)
  • Income Sources: Album sales, live concerts, YouTube revenue, sponsorships, and private events.
  • Concert Booking Fee: Estimated between $200,000 to $749,000.

Legal and Personal Challenges:

  • Early Legal Troubles: Arrested and charged with aggravated robbery and marijuana possession with intent to sell at age 16.
  • Incarceration: Served a year in prison plus seven years of probation.
  • Legal Dispute: Faced a legal dispute with Waffle House over the mixtape title “Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House,” later changed to “Whiskey, Weed, & Women.”


  • Education: Earned his G.E.D. while in jail at the age of 23.
  • Height: 6 feet 1 inch (185.5 cm)
  • Weight: 90 kg (198.41 pounds)
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Tour: Scheduled a 44-city tour for summer 2023 called the Backroad Baptism Tour.
  • YouTube Channel: He has a YouTube channel where he releases music and interacts with fans.
  • Number of Songs: He has 23 country songs and well over 100 songs across his mixtapes, collaborations, and albums spanning the rap, rock, and country genres.

This fact sheet encapsulates key aspects of Jelly Roll’s personal, family, and professional life, shedding light on his journey through the music industry, the ups and downs he faced along the way, and his standing as of 2023.

Links to Social Media accounts.

YouTube: 3.2M subscribers also here

Twitter: 217.8k Followers

Instagram: 1.8M followers

Facebook: 4.2 mill. followers

TikTok: 5M followers 37.3M Likes

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Apple Music:


Jelly Roll on Hulu:



Jelly Roll Merch

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