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Candy Ken Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper from Austria?



Candy Ken Net Worth

Candy Ken

Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl known by his stage name as Candy Ken is an Austrian rapper, model, and TikToker. Ken is best known for his masculine appearance with feminine pop culture. As of May 2020, Candy Ken’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Jakob was born on July 27, 1992, (Leo) in Bregenz, Austria. He went to Wenatchee High School in Washington for one year where he played football. After that, he studied photography and film design at the Lette-Verein college in Berlin. However, he dropped out of college in 2014.

During his time at college, he invented the persona Candy Ken incorporating imagery from Hello Kitty, Barbie dolls, and pink clothing with an unusual appearance.

Candy Ken Net Worth: $2 million

Ken started his rapping career in Berlin. He released his first EP, Welcome to Candy Land in 2014 as a self-directed video series on YouTube. The video series was re-made as a short film ‘Welcome to Candy Land’. That movie won an award at the Austrian short film festival Alpinale in 2015.

Candy Ken then released the second EP Candy Ken Paradise produced by DJ Smokera and distributed by Spinnup in September 2015. Two months later, he released his third EP, titled Daddy 69, which consists of five songs and five videos. Four of those videos were directed by him.

In 2016, Ken released his first album Real Talk which consisted of 12 songs. Ten of those songs were made in collaboration with the rapper Gigi Tays. He mentions rapper Riff Raff as his main musical inspiration. Candy Ken has also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in April 2018 on a segment of Guess Who’s High.

In 2018 he released Flamingo his second studio album.

Regarding his modeling career, he stared his modeling life on Instagram in 2015 by stylist and Diesel brand creative designer Nicola Formichetti. Nicola introduced him to the photographer Terry Richardson who made a photoshoot with him for the magazine Man About Town (Full Frontal Nudity). In addition to that, he has been in photoshoot sessions for VMAN magazine, Paper Magazine, Vogue Taiwan, and the Korean edition of Dazed magazine. He has also done some runway work.

He has over 8.1 million followers on TikTok.


How old is Candy Ken?

27 Years old.

What is Candy Ken’s real hair color?

Dark Brown.

What is the color of Candy Ken’s eyes?

Dark Brown.

Who is Candy Ken dating?

Well we can not confirm this we believe he is dating Baby J. (Jostasy), supposedly they have been dating since 2014.

Who is Candy Ken’s Dad?

? if you know please contact us so we can add this information

What are Candy Ken’s top music hits?

2015 Welcome to Candy Land – Basic Bitches – Candy Ken Paradise – Daddy69

2017 Candy Trap – Send Nudes


Net Worth by Year.

Candy Ken’s net worth 2020.

$500,000 – $57 million – this again depends largely on the source asked but only the IRS and Jakob know

Candy Ken’s net worth 2019.

$1 million – $5 million dollars – depending on the sources asked.

Candy Ken’s net worth 2018.

$100,000 – $1,000,000 Dollars.

Candy Ken’s net worth 2017.

-$100,000 Dollars.


Candy Ken’s Social Media Accounts.

Candy Ken TikTok

Candy Ken Instagram

Candy Ken’s Spotify

Candy Ken Twitter

Baby J’s Social Media Accounts.

Baby J Instagram

Baby J’s TikTok

Baby J’s Facebook

Baby J’s Twitter

Candy Ken and Baby J’s Social Media Accounts.

Candy Ken & Baby J Youtube


Candy Ken and Baby J Merch


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