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Jessica Nigri Net Worth

Jessica Nigri Net Worth

Although she was brought up in New Zealand, Jessica Nigri is from America and she is a cosplay celebrity, voice actress, social media personality, and model. She has a net worth of close to $15. Million. Jessica was born in the U.S. state of Nevada in Reno in August of 1989. She began work in the form of cosplaying in the year 2009 and started modeling in the year 2012. She has been an official spokesperson for several video games and comic book series.

Jessica came under the media spotlight when she dressed up as the “Sexy Pikachu” in 2009 for the San Diego “Comic-Con”. The revealing outfit worn by the model was highly criticized at the time and stirred up many controversies. Yet, she was hired by several gaming companies such as Imagine Games Network (IGN) along with warner bros. It was after this her career as a cosplayer was kick-started. Subsequently, she attended many comic conventions and dressed in barely-there costumes several times. Jessica later went toward modeling in the year 2012. Jessica Nigri is a self-trained costume designer and is personally responsible for developing the various “Comic-Con” costumes. There was a documentary made featuring her journey so far by the Rooster Teeth Production and it was released on the digital platform called FIRST.


Real Name: Jessica Nigri.

Nick Name: Jessica.

Profession: Cosplay model, voice actor, social media personality.

Birthday: August 5, 1989.

Birthplace: Reno, Nevada, United States.

Height: 5’5”.

Zodiac Sign: Leo.

Nationality: United States, New Zealand.

Ethnicity: White.


Father: Cory Nigri.

Mother: Jacqueline Nigri.

Spouse: Unmarried.

Net Worth: $1.5 million.

Religion: Christianity.

Education: Desert Vista High School.

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Jessica Nigri Sexy

Early Life

Jessica was born to Jaqueline and Cory Nigri during the year 1980 in Reno, Nevada in the U.S. Much of her early life was spent in Christchurch, New Zealand where her mother belongs to. She moved to Arizona later when she was 12 and went to Desert Vista High School which is a public school in Phoenix. She started playing video games when she was seven years old. It was her father who was responsible for introducing her to the world of video games.

In 2009 one of Jessica’s friends brought her a ticket to the “Comic-Con International” held in San Diego. She had not heard about the event before this. Therefore she did her research about it and later attended it wearing the glamorous and mature version of Pikachu from the famous game Pokémon. Her look on the day became viral although her cosplay look was also deemed as an “Adult” Pikachu. She also dressed up as Rikku at the same convention. Rikku is from the Final Fantasy X-2 game. She wore a costume that was even more revealing than compared to the Pokémon version. She was all over the internet as a result. This well and truly launched her career as a cosplay artist. Revealing costumes and loud makeups was to become her trademark later.


In the year 2011, Jessica was one of the supermodels for the event “Amazing Arizona Comic-Con”. She also ended up attending many more conventions such as “Anime Expo” in the year 2012 and also the “Anime Revolution” in the year 2012. She also appeared as a mascot called “Senkaku Mei”. Jessica also promoted the game called “Gears of War 3” which was developed by Microsoft. She also was a part of the MS game “GameStop” where she cosplayed the character, Anya Stroud.

Jessica took part in and won the modeling competitions organized by IGN in 2012. It was after this she was offered the role of the spokesmodel for Warner Bros. Games. She received the role of “Juliet Starling” one of the protagonists of the “Lollipop Chainsaw” video game. She has also been a spokesperson for a video game called “Assassin’s Creed 4: Black flag”.

In the same year 2012, she dressed up as “Starling” at the “Penny Arcade Expo East”. This skimpy pink outfit raised several flags and was responsible for offending the conventional officials. Jessica was instructed to either alter the dress or remove herself from the contest. Nigri took the option to remain in the contest and decided to dress up in a regular costume of “Starling”. But she was asked to leave again in the regular costume because it was found to be too revealing again.

As Jessica had a signed contract with IGN, Kadokawa Games asked her to stay on the “Lollipop Chainsaw”. Later she also took part in “Akihabara” in Japan. As a part of this deal, she ended up touring several Japanese video-game magazines and sites like Dengeki and Famitsu. Apart from this, she was also signed up for representing and promoting “Kill3rCombo”, a video game called “Elsword”. She was also asked to promote a comic-book series called “Grimm Fairy Tales” by Zenescope Entertainment, “Knightingail” by the company Crucidel Productions.

Jessica Nigri

At the event PAX 2013 Jessica represented a video game called “Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z” created by “Tecmo Koei”. She cosplayed the character “Miss Monday”. The same year she also cosplayed a character in “Anime Revolution”, “Montreal Comiccon”, “Anime South”, and “AVCon”. Jessica was the guest of honor at the “Ottawa Pop Expo”.

In the year 2014 Jessica Nigri attended the booth called “Wildstar PAX East” from “Carbine Studios”. She has also featured on some YouTube shows such as “The Philip DeFranco Show” and “KassemG”. Jessica has also been a part of the online card game called “Z”. Apart from cosplaying the female characters in several games, she also dressed up as the female version of some male characters.

Jessica has worked as an interviewer for several media outlets such as Book Therapy, Comic, RUGGED TV, and GameZone. She also owns a line of gifts and merchandise that was promoted in the store called For Human Peoples owned by her friend from YouTube called Philip DeFranco. She also has an online poster store called “NIGRI PLEASE!”. She is a member of some cosplay groups such as Less Than 3 and XX Girls. Jessica also worked for a male-centric site called “theChive”. The Rooster Teeth documentary of 2018 recites the chronicles “Becoming Jessica Nigri” describing her journey from a nerdy teenager to a cosplay enthusiast.

She has also featured in many commercial video ads and music videos. Jessica has voiced many characters from “Cinder Fall” who is the antagonists from the anime web series called “RWBY”. She also voiced Sonico from “Super Sonico: The Animation”.

Jessica Nigri Bikini

Controversies, Personal Life, Charity, and Social Media

It was reported that Jessica refused to appear in the controversial reality show called Heroes of Cosplay on the SyFy channel in 2013. The producers of the show reportedly published fake reports of her rivalry with the star of the show Yaya Han for triggering the ratings of the show. But Han and Nigri made a friendly appearance later to clear the cobwebs. Jessica published a series of inappropriate images of herself on the Instagram profile for promoting the character from “Pokémon Sword and Shield”. These were revealing dresses and she even went topless in one of them.

Jessica Nigri might be a popular face on the net with millions of followers on social media however, her personal life has always been on the quieter side and away from the media. Not much is known about her boyfriends and the status of the relationships. Jessica has a self-titled channel on YouTube which has close to 1.23 million subscribers. On Twitter and Instagram, she has 3.8 million and 1.05 million followers respectively. In one of the interviews, she has announced her plans to quit modeling eventually and pursue a career in advertising and marketing.



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