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Emmanuel Hudson Net Worth.



Emmanuel Hudson Net Worth

Emmanuel Hudson Net Worth


Emmanuel Hudson is a comedian, an actor, an entertainer, and a YouTube star who is only 29 years old. He first started his career in Atlanta, Georgia. He appeared on national TVseveral times, but the root cause of his success was the video he posted in 2012 on YouTube called “asking all the questions,” which went viral, and people began to recognize him for his work. He is most famous for his comedic music videos.

He was a jokester since high school. Rapping, dancing, and joking were such qualities that came naturally to him since childhood.

Real name:

Emmanuel Hudson




Emmanuel Hudson is a multi-talented person and has a lot of professions. Some are as follows:

  • Actor
  • Comedian
  • Rapper
  • Dancer
  • Producer
  • Director


He was born on Thursday 13 of December 1990. He was born in a millennial generation.


The current age is 29 years old and is about to turn 30


He was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi, united kingdom.

Later they moved to Jonesboro, Georgia.

Height and weight:

His height is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)

His bodyweight is unknown.


Hair Color: dark brown

Eye Color: dark brown

Skin Color: dark brown

Hair Style: long braided hair

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

His zodiac animal is a horse.

The ruling planet is Jupiter.

The birthstone is zircon, tanzanite, turquoise, and topaz.

His birth flower is narcissus.


He has an American nationality.


He is said to have an African American ethnicity.

Love Life:

Like many other celebrities, Emmanuel Hudson also keeps his personal life confidential. But currently, his marital status states that he is single, although he has at least one previous relationship but has known who she was or how long it lasted. He is not married engaged or divorced, and neither does he have any children.


Emmanuel Hudson has a dad named Roger Hudson, and his mother’s name is Brenda Hudson.


Roger Hudson


Brenda Hudson


Emmanuel Hudson has a total of eight siblings, and he is the second-youngest sibling. The rest of his siblings aren’t very much publically recognized. The only sibling who is known to the public eye is Phillip Hudson, who is younger than Emmanuel and is the youngest sibling overall.

Annual Salary:

Like most celebrities, Emmanuel Hudson keeps such things as love life or annual salary confidential. But although though some sources its’s known that he earns up to  $295k to $311k annually. But this amount can be variable.

Emmanuel Hudson

Net Worth:

Emmanuel Hudson’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. He is one of the highest-paid YouTube stars having over 1.8 million subscribers.


Emmanuel Hudson went to high school at Fayette country high, and for higher education, he went to Albany University.

He also went for education and training to Professional Actors Training.

Future Events:

He did not reveal any plans; neither he tells the public as to what project he will be working in the future, but currently, he is signed up with archive entertainment.

Social Media Pages:

Twitter: @Emanhudson

Instagram: @Emanhudson

Youtube: Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson

He had an account on the vine and had over 2 million followers, but the internet took down the app.

He is most active on twitter with 136 thousand tweets.

He has a large fan base on Instagram with 2.8m million followers. And 1.86 million subscribers.


Per Year: $1 MILLION

Month: $8,333.33

Week: $2,083.33

Per Day: $297.62

Hour: $12.40

Minute: $0.20

Second: $0.003444

Criminal Record:

Emmanuel Hudson does not have any criminal record.

What most people search for this person for?

Emmanuel Hudson is most famous for his comedic music videos on social media.

People mostly search him for the video that he posted on YouTube in 2012, which went viral. In that video, Emmanuel sat on the passenger seat of the car, meanwhile making funny facial expressions. The act was about a man who was exasperated by his girlfriend, who continually asked about his whereabouts and was always suspicious that he was interacting with other girls.

Another thing that he is famous for is the music video called “Ratchet Girl Anthem” this video was about the hypocritical behaviors of women and that how do women fail to realize the impact of their behavior.

This video soon gained fame and has 45 million views to date, and because of such a success, the video led to a record deal archive entertainment.

Famous Friends:

He has worked in many famous TV shows, seasons and movies, so he had many famous celebrity friends.


Emmanuel Hudson usually makes Rap and music videos by collaborating with his younger brother Phillip Hudson and post it on YouTube to gain followers.

He has a large fan base on the vine app, which had over 2 million followers, but the app was taken down.

Emmanuel Hudson, along with his younger brother Phillip Hudson has done tours internationally.

He is also a solo entertainer.

He had appeared in some music videos gaining over 2 million views.

“Ratchet girl anthem” is the highest viewed video on his YouTube channel.

His album, named LOL, gained over 35 million views and was downloaded over 70,000 times.

Career Highlights:

Viral YouTube videos:

  • Asking All Them Question
  • Ratchet Girl anthem

Successful Album:



  • Wild’N Out (comedy game show)
  • Stepsisters (Netflix)
  • Nashville (sound guy)


  • Ride along
  • (The role was of a supermarket guy.)
  • Dead House
  • Blind basketball
  • He is also featured in #digitalLivesMatter
  • He can also be seen on Kevin Hart’s LOL network in web series.

Top 10 Songs:

  • Questions
  • In her Dm
  • Stereotype (Black kids white kids)
  • Back in the game
  • You’re mine
  • Today’s music
  • Snitchin
  • My phone is dry
  • Side chick
  • That’s a lie (ft Maury Povich)

Current Residence:

Due to security reasons, Emmanuel Hudson’s current residence is not revealed.

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