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Daniel Ezra Net Worth.



Daniel Ezra Net Worth.

The world of cinema is very vast, and it is known just because of talented and dexterous actors and actresses. Today we are going to talk about a Young British actor Daniel Ezra.

Daniel Ezra is one of the most talented and famous actors in the world of cinema or we can call it entertainment. He is known to us for his role as Spencer James in the American drama series titles as All American. He is also known for his perfect acting in the character of Sebastian in the drama Twelfth Night. For this role, he was nominated for the Ian Charleson Award. He made his debut in 2014 with the television film, Murdered by Boyfriend.

Daniel Ezra is trying to learn the American accent nowadays, and he is happy just because he is now known among his fans. He is fond of playing football and closely acquainted with some of the football players. He is an emerging star, and that’s why we need to know about him deeply.

Real Name

The real name of Daniel Ezra is the same, and he is known with this name in the world of cinema.


There is no nickname for Daniel Ezra. He is known for his real name around the world.


Daniel Ezra is an actor. He is known for his good acting and played some of the good roles in renowned movies.


Daniel Ezra blows the candle on December 15th every year. He was born in 1993 on December 15th.


Daniel Ezra was born in Birmingham, West Midlands (England).

Height, Weight

Daniel Ezra is enjoying a good height of 174 cm, which is 5 feet and 8 inches. He is a healthy person as his weight is 78 kg.

Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign of Daniel Ezra is Sagittarius.


Daniel Ezra is a Britisher. He is a British actor.


The ethnicity of Daniel Ezra is multiracial as his ancestry is from an undisclosed African community.

Love Life

If we talk about the love life of Daniel Ezra, then he has not revealed the name of his girlfriend yet. Since he is a young star, so he is focusing on his career more. Whenever there is a question about his love life, he often refuses to reply to the question, but there is little doubt about his love life. Ezra is secretly dating someone not still know to the world. There are chances that he will soon come up with the name of his girlfriend or the love of his life.


There is no substantial information bout the parents of this young star. The only information about him is that he is from Britain, and his ancestry is obscure.


The name of the father of Daniel Ezra is not known to anybody. The only information about the father of Daniel Ezra is that his father is a football coach in the US.


If we talk about the salary of Daniel Ezra, then he earns from the movies, television shows, and another brand endorsement. He is the owner of about $1.5 million.

Net Worth

Daniel Ezra

All American

The net worth of Daniel Ezra is $1.5 million.


Daniel Ezra is a Christian by religion and a staunch believer of Christianity.


Not much is known about the education of this young emerging star of the cinematic world. He has received his education from local high school and accomplished his graduation.

Future Events

If we talk about the future events of Daniel Ezra, then nothing much is known in this regard, but he is working for some of the renowned tv shows as well as movies.

Does He Have A Criminal Record?

No, there is no criminal record against this young star. He is completely untarnished in this field.

Any Gossip

One interesting gossip is there about Daniel Ezra. In March 2018, he was signed for a movie, which was a sports drama. He was assigned the role of the movie. The name of the American drama was All American. This was his debut in the US, but the biggest problem was his accent. He was a permanent resident of Britain, and suddenly he signed an American movie.

After that, he tried very hard to learn the American accent soon and started living in Los Angeles. He always carried a football with him and tried to learn the American accent as soon as possible.

What People Most Search For Daniel Ezra?

Daniel Ezra is searched for his movies and television shows. He has recently played the role of Spencer James, and the character was much liked by the people. He is also searched for his character of Sebastian for the drama Twelfth Night.

Apart from these characters, he has played certain more characters in renowned television shows and movies. Since he started his career, he is known to the lovers of cinema for his acting.

Companies Owned

Daniel Ezra owns no company as he is an actor. He plays roles in the movies.

Political Views

Daniel Ezra is not interested in politics, and he has no political views. He is a young blooming artist who is completely focused on his career in acting.

Famous Friends

Daniel Ezra is never seen with any of his friends who we can call famous or known. He has his friends who are not in the limelight.


Here are some of the unknown facts related to the life of this young actor. Nothing much is known bout him, but still, the star is known for some of his activities and more prominently for his role in the movies and television shows.

  • Daniel Ezra is a young actor from Britain. He is 26 years old and known worldwide for playing the character of Spencer James.
  • The most astonishing thing bout Daniel Ezra is that nothing is known about his parentage. There is only a single and small information about his father that he is a football coach in the US.
  • Ezra never aspired to be an actor in his childhood and was much keen on basketball and soccer.
  • When Daniel was 18 years old, he decided to try for the entertainment field and eventually succeeded in this field.
  • His first theatrical debut took place in 2017 at National Theatre Live, where he played the role of Sebastian of Twelfth Night. The director of this play was Simon Godwin.
  • In one of the Romance tv program called “A Discovery of Witches,” he played the role of Nathaniel Wilson.
  • There are many stars present in this world who have not yet revealed their love life, and Daniel Ezra is from the same world. He has not revealed the name of his girlfriend, but it is assumed that he is privately dating someone.
  • During playing a role in an American sports drama, he tried his level best to reform himself with the American accent. He used to keep a football with him and learn the accent wherever he goes to Los Angeles.
  • He has given his best performance in some of the best-known tv serials like Murdered by the Boyfriend, The Village, Blood Cells, Vera, No Offence, Prey, Undercover, The Missing, Prime Suspect 1973, A Discovery of Witches. He has also performed well in the movie All American, where he played the famous character of Spencer James.

Career Highlights

If we talk bout the career highlights of Daniel Ezra, then he is known for his acting and played quite important roles in famous tv shows and movies. He started his career in 2014 and continuously stepped the ladder of success and fame.

He was seen in a famous Hollywood movie called All American, where we played the awesome role of Spencer James. Certain other roles are there, which he has performed with his complete passion. He played the character of Sebastian of Twelfth Night and collected praise from many critics. He is prospering rapidly in the field, and it is believed that he is the coming future.


There are some of the hobbies of Daniel Ezra. He is a young actor with some of the hobbies which he likes to do in his free time.

  • His favorite actor is Idris Elba, and his favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence. He turns to be romantic after listening to the rap of Eminem.
  • His favorite brands are Louis Vuitton and Fendi.
  • His favorite TV show is BoJack Horseman.
  • He would love to eat fries and pizza.
  • He loves the color blue and feels delighted to spend time on social media applications like Instagram and Tik Tok.
  • He loves to play basketball and soccer, which he left temporarily for the sake of acting.


2013 – Sanctimonia

2014 – Precipice Hours, Murdered by My Boyfriend, The Village, Blood Cells.

2015 – Vera, No Offence, Prey.

2016 – Undercover, The Missing.

2017 – Prime Suspect 1973, National Theatre Live, Enterprice.

2018 – Entertainment Tonight, Last Call with Carson Daly, A Discovery of Witches, All American.

2019 – All American.

2020 – All American.

Social Media Page

Daniel Ezra is currently active on his Instagram handle. He is known to share his photos often on his Instagram handle for his fans and followers. This is the only social media page where this young star is active. You can search with his name on Instagram, and he will be there.

All American Twitter account.


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