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Dorian Rossini Net Worth: How Rich is Dorian Rossini Actually?



Dorian Rossini Net Worth

Dorian Rossini is a singer and an internet personality. He is best known for being a viral sensation on the internet for the controversy of taking Selfies with him. One moment in an interview would roar the internet on fire as the incident made him famous almost overnight. As of 2019, Dorian Rossini’s net worth is estimated to be $700,000. In 2020 he is estimated to have a Net Worth of $800,000.

Rossini was born on December 13, 1990, in Nice, France. His father was a singer and he wanted to follow in his footsteps. From a young age, he participated in different singing competitions and won some of them as well. He later went to study music and theater too to further hone his skills. He also has a sister who is a fashion designer by profession.

Currently, he is working as a DJ and performs in the different clubs of France. His focus is on electronic music and he has released two albums which are named ‘Starmania’ and ‘Religion’. These albums were actually pretty popular even before he got is official fame through an interview.

He is known as the “Controversial King” and that is for good reason as well. He has an unfiltered mouth and speaks what he is truly thinking about. As a result, some of the comments he has made over the years have been very controversial.

One instance was when he introduced himself as reclamation of God mentioning that he was just too perfect. Moving towards his fame, in a conference, the host had asked him a simple question about “how to raise selfie with Dorian Rossin?”.

The answer, which he provided in his native language, caused some controversy, especially among the religious group of people. This was the start of a trend that started on social media where people started mentioning this.

Now, a lot of people were curious about this trend and they started to participate in it as it was a fun thing to do for someone who has free time. There were even people who went to Nice in France in order to take a selfie with him!

Dorian Rossini Net Worth 2019: $700,000

Dorian Rossini Net Worth 2020: $900,000


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