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Sky Days Net Worth- How Rich is Black Ink Crew Cast Member?



Sky Days Net Worth

Sky Days is a member of the cast of Black Ink Crew, which is a reality television series that has aired for a total of eight seasons with Sky being a part of every season. She is also an entrepreneur and has her own retail fashion shop in Miami called Her Little Secret Boutique. As of 2019, Sky Days net worth is estimated to be $500,000.

Moreover, she is also a motivational speaker and shares the lessons that life taught her through experience in different events. Sky indeed has a story that has been full of struggle. Around 2005, Sky was broke and as a result, would get influenced to be a part of a credit card scheme that resulted in her being arrested.

Also, during her teenage years, she got pregnant with two toddlers. She was in a situation where it was hard for her to sustain herself, let alone the two children. That is why she had to make the decision to put the children up for adoption as it seemed like the best decision for them and her.

With her life settling down better, the boys did return to her but it hasn’t been very easy in building up a good relationship with them knowing the dire past.

Yet, today, she has stood as an inspiration to many has amassed close to 4 million Instagram followers too. She is getting more active as a speaker and refers to her motivational speaking as “Sky Code”. She wants to pass on her learnings from her mistakes which she realized when she was in jail and had time to reflect well about her actions.

Much of her popularity has been gained by being a part of Black Ink Crew and though she has her own business to focus on, she still has close ties with her fellow team members who have been there for all in her hard times while in jail. Sky Days is living a life that she wants and is a big fan of plastic surgery saying that she will get such procedures done if the results give her more happiness.

Sky Days Net Worth: $500,000

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