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Michael Imperioli net worth.



Michael Imperioli net worth

James Michael Imperioli is an actor and TV writer with Italian-American origins. Michael has a net worth close to $25 million. Michael was born in March 1966 in the Mount Vernon area of New York. He grew up in the different areas of New York City, such as New Jersey, Ringwood, and Yonkers. He landed his first role in a film called Alexa, which was admittedly a small part. He then went on to appear in many notable films.


Real Name: James Michael Imperioli.

Nick Name: Michael Imperioli.

Profession: Actor, Writer.

Birthday: Mar 26, 1966.

Birthplace: Mount VernonNew York City.

Height: 5’7″.

Zodiac Sign: Aries.

Nationality: American.

Ethnicity: Italian.


Father: Dan Imperioli.

Mother: Claire Imperioli.

Spouse: Victoria Chlebowski.

Net Worth: $25 million.


Michael Imperioli goodfellas

Religion: Roman Catholic.

Education: Sacred Heart High School, Stella Adler Studio of Acting, Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

Social Media Pages:

Facebook: Imperioli




Early Life

Michael’s most popular role to date is the character of “Christopher Moltisanti” he played in the drama on TV called “The Sopranos”. Apart from this role that made him famous, he has given some remarkable performances such as that of Nick Falco in the TV drama series “Law & Order,” as Louise Fitch in Detroit 1-8-7, and as Ray Carling in the film Life on Mars. Michael was born in March of 1966 in the city of New York.


Michael belongs to an Italian-American family. His father was a full-time bus driver, and his mother was an actress in New York. Michael went to the Lincoln School in his hometown before he moved to Brewster. He graduated from the place in 1983. Michael Imperioli is one of the handfuls of actors who married just once during their lives and have not filed for a divorce yet. He married Victoria Chlebowski during the year 1995. The couple lives in California, along with their three children.



Michael Imperioli The Sopranos

Michael Imperioli took to acting and decided to make it his career after he was inspired by his mother. His father also encouraged him, and Michael used the local plays as a way of practicing his skills as an amateur actor. He began his career on a strong note in 1989 when he received several movie roles. One of the more famous ones from several roles was that of Michael Glanco in the great film Goodfellas. It was the initial period of his career, but he went on to get good roles right through the years during his career. But none of the many roles he played in films were lead characters.

However, Michael made a name for himself through a range of TV series. He played a detective who is probably the most popular detective character during his time. He has acted in many TV series, which were extremely successful during their times. He was a part of Law & Order, NYPD Blue, The Sopranos, and New York Undercover, among others.

Although he is prematurely an actor, he has also written many drama series. He also wrote some of the episodes of the famous “The Sopranos” himself. Michael has worked as an artistic director for Studio Dante. He has even tried his vocal skills by working as the main vocalist for a rock band called “La Dolce Vita.” He was also the guitarist in the band.

Michael has no dearth of roles even at his ripe age of 54. However, he has mostly given up his movie career to concentrate on the TV series. He is also spending more time writing the episodes for the TV series and also directing some short films. He is an example to his peers about how to be loyal to a single wife throughout his life as an actor in Hollywood.

Achievements and Net Worth

Michael Imperioli’s biggest achievement to date must be the role of Christopher Moltisanti in the hit drama series “The Sopranos.” He has been nominated for five Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. Out of these nominations, he has won just a single Emmy award in the year 2004. He has also won a cooking competition called Chopped in 2014. But he donated the prize money he made from winning the competition to a charity called Pureland Project.

As of May 2020, Michael’s net worth is close to $25 million. His main source of income has been the several movie and TV series roles he landed during his times. But, the biggest contributor to his net worth is his lead and second-lead roles in the various TV series. He has also hosted some TV shows and concerts that added to his net worth.


Michael Imperioli was one of the several supporting cast members in the Martin Scorsese classic Goodfellas. Michael was given a larger role later in the TV series The Sopranos. Michael made a brief appearance in the Goodfellas as Spider. The role sticks out in memory despite being a small cameo. This role came a long time earlier for Michael before The Sopranos came along.

In this movie, the back and forth he does with Tommy is fantastic. You can find comic energy in those scenes as we see Tommy (Joe Pesci) getting gradually more and more upset. We are on the edge of our seats and worried about what is going to happen to Spider. And then as the scene goes, the worst happens.

The Sopranos

The Italian-American actor played Christopher Moltisanti in the HBO classic The Sopranos. But Michael was terrified of getting dropped from “The Sopranos” right from the beginning. He did not tell the series producers that he could not drive. This was critical information for the role because his character plays an occasional driver to James Gandolfini. He was desperate for the role and, as a result, did not tell them about this. In one of the scenes, he had to back up the car, and it smashed into a tree. The Lexus’s backside was badly damaged in the process.

Michael later teamed up with Steve Schirripe, who was his “The Sopranos” teammate, to create “Talking Sopranos.” It was a podcast where this duo talked about all the episodes of the long-running drama series. This podcast nearly did not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone from the crew thought that people were so worried about the crisis that no one will be interested in hearing about a TV show. But after “The Sopranos” fans let them know on social media that they were watching the series again, it gave them the confidence to make the show.


Who is Uriel? He is an angel in the series Lucifer and is one of the siblings of Lucifer Morningstar. Although Lucifer is the ruler of hell, Uriel does the job of welcoming the souls of the dead to heaven. This is described by Lucifer as something worse than hell. Uriel is ostracized by Lucifer in the series and by Amenaidel when the two are young, and as adults, he is kept inferior to the main protagonists. The role of Uriel in the second season of Lucifer, a TV series, was played by Michael Imperioli.

Other Roles

He has also worked in the ABC drama called Detroit 1-8-7 as Detective Louis Fitch. The other TV credits that belong to him are The Simpsons, Disappearing Acts, Escape at Dannemora and Girls. He also appeared in the series Project Blue Book in the role of Edward Rizzuto and also played the role of the New York mayor in the HBO series Watchman. He also did other roles in films such as I Shot Andy Warhol and Summer of Sam. His more recent performance was in a film called Primal as Paul Freed, where he worked beside Nicholas Cage.


Michael Imperioli

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Michael Imperioli Credits as a Writer, Producer, Director, Actor, and Self.

1989: Lean On Me – Alexa

1990: A Matter of Degrees – Goodfellas

1991: Jungle Fever

1992: Fathers & Sons – Malcolm X

1993: Joey Breaker – The Night We Might Met – Household Saints

1994: Touch Base – Men Lie – Hand Gun – Amateur – Post Cards from America – NYPD Blue – Scenes from the New World

1995: The Addiction – The Basketball Diaries – Bad Boys – Sweet Nothing – Clockers – Flirt – Dead Presidents – Trouble

1996: I Shot Andy Warhol – Girls Town – Girl 6 – Trees Lounge – Under The Bridge – Last Mand Standing – Firehouse – Blixa Bargeld Stole My Cowboy Boots

1996-2006: Law & Order

1997: New York Undercover – Office Killer – The Deli – River Made to Drown In

1998: Too Tired to Die – Witness to the Mob

1999: Summer of Sam – On The Run

1999-2007: The Sopranos

2000: Auto Motives – Disappearing Acts – Hamlet

2002: Love in the Time of Money

2003: Stuey

2004: My Baby’s Daddy – Shark Tale – The Five People You Meet in Heaven

2006: The Simpsons – The Sopranos: Road to Respect (Game)

2007: The Inner Life of Martin Frost – The Lovebirds – Mitch Albom’s For One More Day

2008: Stóra planið

2008-2009: Life on Mars

2009: The Lovely Bones

2010: Mercy – The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Love & Distrust

2010-2011: Detroit 187

2011: Stuck Between Stations

2012: Girls – Necessary Roughness – Country – 40

2013: The Call – The Office – Nicky Deuce – Vijay and I – Oldboy

2014: Foreclosure – Rake – The Scribbler – The M Word – Californication – Cantinflas – Saint Francis

2015: Houses – The Wannabe

2015-2018: Hawai 5.0

2015-2016: Mad Dogs

2016: Blue Bloods

2016-2017: Lucifer

2017: Dice

2018: Alex, Inc. – Cabaret Maxime – Escape at Dannemora

2019: The Last Full Measure – Primal – Watchmen

2019-2020: Project Blue Book

2020: Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector

?: Between Wars

Post Production: One Night in Miami



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