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Bryan Redmond Net Worth- How Rich is Brandi Redmond’s husband?



Bryan Redmond Net Worth

Bryan Redmond is the founder and current CIO of the company called Suntex Ventures which is working in the field of real estate. Having handled over $1 billion in transactions, Redmond is experienced in the game of business. As of 2019, Bryan Redmond net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

Redmond is originally from Dallas and got his early education there. He then moved to Georgetown where he would attend Southwestern University. He got a degree focused on business and later would also become a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker.

With his role being in leadership, he has also taken a course in the Stagen Integral Leadership program. He had initially started his career by working at Arthur Andersen yet eventually, he would start working at Sun Resorts International where he currently serves the role of Director of Acquisitions.

The company has investments in the United States, the Caribbean, and Mexico and in recent years was able to sell many of their assets because of the potential they had to Island Global Yachting. Redmond played an integral part in making these important transactions a possibility having served as the Director of Mergers and Acquisitions and Business Development.

Bryan Redmond and Brandi Redmond

He is married to Brandi Redmond and her wife has been a part of The Real Housewives Of Dallas. They actually have an interesting story about becoming a couple. They knew each other since the eighth grade with Brandi having just broken off with her boyfriend.

Brandi wanted to make her ex jealous and thus had chosen to date, Bryan. Yet, eventually as they started seeing each other, Brandi fell for him completely and they have been together ever since with their share journey being over 15 years.

Yet, when the couple appeared together in the first season of the reality show, Bryan didn’t get a good impression from the fans as he was working long hours and was hardly being able to make time for Brandi. They have 3 children together named Bruin, Brooklyn, and Brinkley.

Bryan Redmond Net Worth: $8 million

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