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Ben Napier Net Worth: How Rich is Ben Napier Actually?



Ben Napier Net Worth

Ben Napier is an Entrepreneur and Woodworker who popularly appears as the host of the show called Home Town which is broadcasted on HGTV. The show sees home-buying families being added value through Ben’s woodworking skills along with his wife Erin’s creativity in the design aspect. As of 2019, Ben Napier net worth is estimated to be $6 million.

He studied history at University which could be a major reason which propelled to incorporate his interest in woodworking with influences around history. He is the founder of Scotsman Co. and co-owner of Laurel Mercantile Co.

For his work, he had been featured in Southern Weddings Magazine. This was shared as a post in Instagram which caught the eye of a television producer who had been from HGTV. This was when the initial idea for the show Home Town would rise that would premier officially for the public on January of 2016.

The show has been going strong for 3 seasons and the fans are now curious for the 4th season which is to come in early 2020. Ben has great chemistry with his wife Erin Napier not only as a couple but also as co-workers and fans seem to love their genuine connection as well as a sense of humor together.

The two have even written a book together called “Make Something Good Today” which has provided a lot of details into their personal lives as well as how the show came to be. The memoir’s purpose is for people to be able to see the good that is in their life.

Ben also has a beautiful daughter named Helen along with Erin. He says that they are his source of inspiration to live. It is because of Helen that Ben was also motivated to lose a massive 55 pounds throughout 2018.

Having a background in his family of being “big”, there have been many heart complications that Ben has seen. He says that he wants to be able to live longer so that he can be able to see Helen grow up and see her whole life.

Ben Napier Net Worth: 

Ben Napier net worth is $6 million and earns a salary of $600K each year.

Earnings per year $600,000
Earnings per month $50,000
Earnings per day $1666.67
Earnings per hour $69.4
Earnings per minute $1.15
Earnings per second $0.019


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