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Xanman Net Worth: How Rich is the Upcoming Rapper Actually?



Xanman Net Worth

Haile Salaam, who is better known by his stage name as Xanman, is an upcoming American rapper who is best known among the rappers on the rise of DMV. He has released several hits including “PINK,” “Gucci Down” and “Hell Yeaa”. As of 2019, Rapper Xanman net worth is estimated to be $400,000.

Salaam was born on August 16, 2000, in Landover, Maryland. His uncle used to play the drums for Chuck Brown and Roberta Flack which was a major influence for him at a very young age. As a result, he started to rap when he was only 5 years of age.

Moreover, he even had a studio thanks to his uncle when he was only 11 years old and mentions that a major high of his was when he met Lil Wayne when he was only 12 years of age. He then started to use Pro Tools which take a lot of time to master but he was persistent because of his interest in rap.

Over time, he has released tracks such as “Heard Cuz Was Hot” as well as his popular “Xanstyle” freestyle series where he has done everything himself that includes making the beats as well. Though he is still only starting out, he has already released over 30 projects till date.

His music has been sparking a lot of attention because of the fact that there is a lot of different tastes to it, which includes the comedy parts but the parts of heartbreaks as well which he is able to express well.

Yet, last year, he faced a major threat to his rise as he would be arrested and sent to jail in November for charges of assault. However, the irony was that this was the period that he actually blew up as fans started to join in on the #FreeXan movement.

Then, fresh from jail, he released Gucci Down, which was a major hit. Salaam says that he aims to be in the position of rappers like Lil Wayne and be a part of history and not just another rapper.

Xanman Net Worth: $400,000

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