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Robert Herjavec Net Worth



Robert Herjavec Net Worth.


Of all the famous global entrepreneurs, Robert Herjavec’s name tops the list. He is a Canadian investor, businessman, tv personality, author, and publisher. He founded a Canadian integrator of Internet security software, called the BARK systems, and sold it to AT&T Canada, now called Allstream Inc in the year 2000 for a sum of $30.2 million. Later in 2003, he Founded the Herjavec Group, which ranks to be one of the largest information technology and computer security enterprises in Canada, earning over $200 million annually.

He has worked on various television series, like Dragons’ Den and ABC’s version of the series, Shark Tank, where he played the role of an investor. He has also authored 3 books on this life struggles and business tips, that have been a great success. Being a successful business, he is the recipient of several awards and titles. He received the Ernst and young, Ontario entrepreneur of the year award in 2012 and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal by Governor General of Canada, for his outstanding contributions to Canada. For his role in the dragon’s den, he won three Gemini awards, for the best reality show.

Herjavec is popular for sharing life principles that are worthwhile in the living as well as the bedroom room, that motivates snd resonates with the passions if his audience and clients.

Read the entire piece to know more about the life of this great figure.

Real Name

The real name of Robert Herjavec is Robert Herjavec. Officially, he is popular by this name only.

Nick Name

No such nickname for Robert Herjavec is known. His followers and clients know him by his real name.


Talking about the professional life of Robert Herjavec, he is an investor, businessperson, actor, film producer, tv personality, and author too.

Robert Herjavec is fantastic. He has been delivering such positive examples to his fan followers. He is a focused, engaged, dedicated, and attentive individual while dealing with his clients and followers.

Being a successful entrepreneur, his name has reached great heights and has gained fame not only in Canada but also outside it.


Robert Herjavec was born on September 14, 1962. As of 2020, he is 57 years old


Robert Herjavec was born in Varaždin, Croatia

Height, Weight

Robert Herjavec is having an impressive height of 5 feet 9 inches. He weighs about 65 kgs.

Zodiac Sign

Robert Herjavec is Virgo by sun sign.


Though born in Croatia, Robert Herjavec is a Canadian person.

Love Life

In 1990, Herjavec married Diana Please. They got divorced in 2014. After this marriage failed to work, Herjavec began to develop suicidal tendencies. He and Diana PPlese have two children, Skye and caprice, and a son named Brenden. Next in September 2015, he confirmed his courtship with the Australian dancer, Kym Herjavec. The two became engaged on February 27, 2016. They finally got married in Los Angeles, California on 31st July 2016.


Vladimir Herjavec, by profession a Machinist is the father of Robert Herjavec. During the reign of communism, his father was arrested many times for speaking against communism. To prevent further problems, they decided to shift to another country in the 1970s. Herjavec was only 8bat at that time. They first moved to Italy, and then Canada. Later they settled in a suburb of Toronto.


Katica Herjavec is the mother of Robert Herjavec.


Robert Herjavec is a single child to his parents, having no siblings.

Net Worth

Angel investing Robert Herjavec

As of 2020, Herjavec’s net worth is $200 million.


Robert Herjavec is a staunch Christian and a strict follower of Christianity.


In his early life, when his family shifted to Canada, he did everything for a living, from selling newspapers to waiting tables to founding his IT company from his basement. His drive and passion to achieve his dreams have enabled him to conquer any struggle that life had put forth him.

In 1984, Herjavec did his graduation from New College at the Toronto university, getting a degree in English literature and political science. After that, to make a living and feed his family, he did a range of jobs in the 1990s, such a debt collection, retail salesman, etc.

Future Events

As of now, Herjavec doesn’t have any future events to attend. He is however expected to have pre-scheduled meetings and interviews with media and multinational companies.

Social Media Pages

Currently, Herjavec is active on Twitter, where he keeps updating his future events, so that people can follow his interviews and other meetings.





Twitter at the bottom.

Robert Herjavec wife

Does Robert Herjavec Have A Criminal Record?

Such a great figure, excelling in all fields doesn’t have any criminal record. He is a successful and happy man living his life inspiring millions of other people.

Any Gossip

Rumors about great personalities like Herjavec is always in the air because people are keen to know more about his lifestyle. Several interesting gossips have existed and still exist in his personal life. The most famous rumor that people talk about is his separation from his first wife and his second marriage after getting divorced.

It is known that, in 2017, his ex-girlfriend whom he dated two years from 2013 sued him for rape after Herjavec sued her for attempting to extort him over false claims of sexual assaults. However, both cases were dismissed. The allegations made against Herjavec were taken down without any financial settlement and Vasinova was made to apologize to Herjavec and his family.

Nevertheless, what rumors exist, people have immense respect and admiration for this person.

What People Most Search For Him?

Being a successful celebrity, author, motivational speaker, businessperson, and whatnot, he seems to be a youth icon for the world, driving the passion of a million youngsters. He is searched for his life lessons, what drove him to success, and the business is that he followed which made him so successful in life.

Companies Owned

Firstly, Robert Herjavec is the founder of BRAK systems. Later he founded the Herjavec Group, one of the greatest information technology companies in Canada.

He has been running these businesses well, managing them with utmost intelligence and adeptness, which is why he has emerged to be such a great global personality.

Robert Herjavec

Political Views

Being a successful entrepreneur, Herjavec remains occupied in that Field and hence has not much active participation in the politics of his country. He doesn’t seem to be interested in political ideologies at all. He is busy in reaching higher levels of success and motivating others to strive harder and achieve their dreams no matter what.

Famous Friends

Robert Herjavec stays connected with his friends and followers. He is known to stand by them in times of their need and has been a constant inspiration for his fan followers. However, no such famous friend of Robert Herjavec is known.


There are several interesting facts about the life of  Herjavec, that people hardly know about. For his fans and followers, the below-mentioned facts will be very exciting. Read below to know.


  • When he migrated from Yugoslavia to North America, he was only 8 years old. They had to settle in a basement in Toronto. There he realized that being poor is a state of mind.
  • He is a successful author, who has self-published three books.
  • He is an avid golfer, car collector and loves to take part in car races.
  • He is an eloquent motivational speaker too.
  • He started dating Vasinova from 2013 till 2015 and then broke up.
  • Robert Herjavec is a billionaire, having a net worth of $200 million.


Career Highlights

A famous Canadian business person and a millionaire, Robert Herjavec besides being those, is also an author, actor, investor, and television celebrity. He has become a global figure because of his success in all fields, especially among the businessmen of the world, for his excellent business skills. With his dedication and determination, he has acquired a huge fan base in this world.

Herjavec has written three books. His initial two books that he authored are driven: how to succeed in business and life Written in 2010 and the will to win: leading, competing, and succeeding in 2013. The first book deals with principles of life that made Robert successful and wealthy, while the second book delivers life lessons to the readers that will provide them with greater success and happiness. Herjavec released his third book on 29th March 2016 titled ‘you don’t have to be a shark: creating your success’.

He also has worked on several films like the return of Billy Jack and Cain and Abel.


Robert Herjavec has a strong passion for car racing and has taken part in the Ferrari Challenge. He competed as #007 in the Herjavec group racing team in the North American Ferrari Challenge series, where he won the rookie of the year award in 2011. Before that, he had won both races at the season opener in laguna deca raceway and lime rock, Connecticut, and st. Petersburg, Florida.

In 2012, he was chosen to be the grand marshal for the 2012 Honda Italy Toronto. Apart from being passionate about car racing, he is also an avid car collector. His collection of cars constitutes severe rare cars. Not only that, but Robert Herjavec is also an avid runner and golfer. He has participated in the Canadian charity in 2010, sponsored by the royal bank of Canada at st. George’s golf club.


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