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Leah Messer Net Worth: How Rich is the Teem Mom Star Actually?



Leah Messer Net Worth

Leah Messer is a television personality who is best known for being a part of the cast of the hit reality television show called Teen Mom 2. As of 2019, Leah Messer net worth is estimated to be $80,000.

Messer grew up as a country girl from a small town called Elkview, West Virginia. She was a cheerleader in her teenage years. Though she hasn’t provided much details, Messer mentions that she had a lot of struggles growing up.

Messer was in a relationship with a guy named Corey and with him, the couple had twins who were named Aliannah and Aleeah. However, there were differences between the two that led to their separation.

Later on, Messer married Jeremy Calvert in 2012. Together, they had a child named Adalynn Faith in 2013. Yet, this relationship too would end sourly for Messer as they divorced in 2015 going their separate ways. Yet, in recent developments, Messer and Calvert have been cozying up so there are chances of them getting back together.

Messer has raised her three children as a single mother for most of their life and the process of raising the children has definitely not been easy, as has been documented well in Teen Mom 2. She struggles with her anxiety as she tends to take too much stress and even had to take drug tests to make sure she is not addicted to the anxiety medication.

Messer has had serious concerns for her daughter Ali’s growth as she was diagnosed with a rare condition called Titin Muscular Dystrophy. Having faced so much of responsibilities and stress at a time when most women her age are living freely with little responsibilities could be a reason for such anxiety.

She, along with the show itself has faced a lot of criticism since many believe that the way that moms are presented doesn’t show the whole truth about parenting. We might get a better glimpse of what is the whole truth as Messer is preparing to release her book called Hope, Grace & Faith which is scheduled to release on May 5, 2020.

Leah Messer Net Worth: $80,000

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