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Emily Riedel Net Worth- How Rich is the Bering Sea Gold Star?



Emily Riedel Net Worth

Emily Riedel is a boat captain and a miner who appears in the Discovery Channel’s show called Bering Sea Gold. She is the only woman in the crew and is often times referred to as the pioneer for women in this field of work. As of 2019, Emily Riedel net worth is estimated to be $400,000.

Riedel actually had a completely different life planned out ahead of her. From a young age, she was active as an opera singer and had actually decided to take up a summer job in dredging since she had plans to study at a European opera conservatory and needed money to fund it.

But, taking this job would result in her being completely ingrained into it as she realized that she was passionate about this field. That was when her life took a complete 360-degree turn with her focus shifting from her initial plans of being an opera singer.

She had started to work at The Clark which was operated by her childhood friend named Zeke Tenhoff in Alaska. Here, she had started in operations and mentioned that initially, she found it very difficult to fit in with all the boys.

Being the only woman was definitely a major challenge for her and still is because the business is primarily male-dominated. But, she had a lot of persistence in her attitude that led to her eventually becoming the co-owner of The Clark.

She has now reached a stage in her career where she can lead operations and has her own operation called The Eroica making her the only female captain in Nome. This feat has inspired many women and as a result, she has appeared in several shows over the years including “The Larry King Show,” “The Steve Harvey Show,” and  “The Insider”.

She had previously dated Zeke Tenhoff when they were working together. Initally, it seemed like a perfect fit with the two sharing mutual interests yet as the relationship started to mature, problems started to also pile up and the differences would exceed the limits.

Emily Riedel Net Worth: $400,000

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