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Jasmine Roth Net Worth: How Rich is Jasmine Roth Actually?



Jasmine Roth Net Worth

Jasmine Roth is the founder of Built Custom Homes which focuses on custom designs for new construction projects. Moreover, Roth is also a television personality being the host of the show called Hidden Potential. As of 2019, Jasmine Roth net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Roth grew up in Virginia and since her father found carpentry as an interesting hobby, Roth would also tinker around creating different things the materials that were available including tree houses. She has always been the proactive type from her early days and got her first job as a fitness instructor when she was 15 years of age.

She then studied at Northeastern University where her studies focused on Entrepreneurship which was the path she had carved out for herself. Yet, she graduated in 2008 which was the time of the Recession and therefore, it was a smarter move to get a job.

Yet, corporate life would actually give her many learnings which became the base upon which she was able to build up the base for her own business. But, she wasn’t always sure home design was what she wanted to do.

Roth and her husband Brett had bought a property in Huntington Beach and were working on building it during their weekends but eventually, Roth really liked the creation process and made the decision to leave her job.

This would lead to the start of Built Custom Homes. What makes the business standout and successful has been her homeowner centric approach where she always puts the needs of the homeowners as her number one priority going into a lot of details in the initial phase of figuring out what would be the best output to be created.

The couple loves to travel and have been to several countries. Yet, even during her travels, she loves to work on building homes and through her association with Habital for Humanity, she has been able to do just that by working on empowering the homes of less furnished homes around the world.

Jasmine Roth Net Worth: $1.5 million

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