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Terry Fator net worth.



Terry Fator net worth

Terry Fator is a famous impressionist, comedian, singer, and ventriloquist from America. He has a net worth of $160 million, which he has accumulated over the years as a performer. He was born in 1965 in Dallas, Texas. He is capable of making more than 100 impressions of the ventriloquial kind and makes use of 16 various puppets during the act. He began his career way back when he was in the fifth grade.

Terry is a terrific impersonator and ventriloquist. He many times impersonates famous singers such as Etta James, Dean Martin, James Taylor, and Garth Brooks. Once, he appeared to perform in a 1000 seat theater only to find just a single person in the audience. He did not give up, and that is the reason why he is so successful today. He gave himself a chance and managed to rise to the top.


Real Name: Terry Wayne Fator

Nick Name: The Million Dollar Voice, The Human Jukebox.

Profession: Ventriloquist, Singer.

Birthday: June 10, 1965.

Birthplace: Dallas, Texas.

: 5’10”.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini.

Nationality: American.

Ethnicity: White.


Father: Jephtha Wesley Fator.

Mother: Edith Marie Fator.


Angie Fiore (September 4, 2015 – present)

Taylor Dew (November 3 2010 – 2015) (divorced)

Melinda Fator (January 8, 1991 – 2009) (divorced)

Net Worth: $160 million.


Terry Fator

Religion: Christian.

Education: Liberty University.

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Early Life

Terry Fator was born in the year 1965 on June 10 to be precise to the parents Jephtha Wesley and Edith Marie Sligh. His mother’s name was changed later to Marie Sligh. Fator was born in Dallas, Texas, and he is the middle child of his parents. He has an elder brother called Jephtha Jr. and a younger sister who goes by the name Deborah. The American Idol finalist in season six is Terry’s second cosine. Terry attended higher education at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. More facts about Terry Fator can be found in the audio commentary called Terry Fator: Live from Las Vegas made in 2009.

Personal Life

His first wife was called Melinda. She was a big fan of his band. These two got married in January 1991. Melinda later decided to part company with him and left Las Vegas to go to Texas. She filed a divorce suit in 2009. After two more attempts at getting a divorce, an agreement was reached in 2010. On the next day of the divorce, Fator married Taylor Makakoa in Las Vegas on November 3, 2010. A ceremony was to follow on November 7 of the same year. Fator was yet married to Makakoa when he proposed to Angie Fiore. And to add insult to injury, he proposed to the girl in front of the present wife. He later divorced Angie in August of 2015. In 2015 September, one week after he had completed another divorce, he married a new wife. It is safe to assume that he lacks commitment when it comes to women and marriage.



Terry Fator Show

Terry Fator was a member of two bands so far. Between 1987 and 88, he worked as the lead singer for the band Freedom Jam Band. Its producers were the Young American Showcase. This group averaged three performances every school day, and the group went to more than 200 high schools from the U.S. and Canada. He was also a part of a group called Texas. He was the lead singer for this band as well. He joined the band when he was 23, and it was here that Terry incorporated T. Airedale, the puppet into the show.

After having realized that the fame he obtained through the band was not enough, Terry decided to take part in the “America’s Got Talent” competition. He appeared in front of the audience for the first time in June of 2007. He went on to win the competition. He received extraordinary success in his career when he blended all the talents he had, such as impersonations, ventriloquism, comedy, and singing. After completing the show, “America’s Got the Talent,” he kept on working for parties. He also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in May 2008. Fator can voice characters as well.

Achievements and Net Worth


Terry Fator Las Vegas

As of May 2020, this American icon has the net worth close to $160 million. His main source of income is performing at the time of events. He received the $1 million prize when he won the contest “America’s Got the Talent.” In December of the same year, he signed a $1.5 million contract with Las Vegas Hilton. Terry Fator was required to perform three times every month between January and May of the following year. Later in March of 2008, Terry signed a five-year deal, which was worth $100 million with Las Vegas Strip.

Donald Trump Puppet

The former winner of AGT and ventriloquist Terry has decided to sideline the Donald Trump puppet he used for scrubbing politics from his show. This puppet was complete with a pop-up hairdo and was a part of the comedy routine he performed at the Mirage since 2016 at the Las Vegas Strip. He pulled out the Trump puppet to avoid political overtones. He creates his shows that help the audience escape from everyday life and lose themselves in the entertainment he provides. At the Mirage, he has been headlining his show after winning the AGT. Other puppet characters he has assembled include Dean Martin, Stevie Wonder, Justin Bieber, Sammy Davis, and Willie Nelson.

10 Years at the Mirage

Terry always knew that he would become a performer while he was growing up. He just didn’t know that he will become America’s top-paid ventriloquist. It did not matter to him much as a child what he was doing. He had decided to become either a radio jockey, a TV or movie star, a comedian, or a singer. He also tried out his hands at hypnosis, magic, balloon animals, and pretty much everything coming under the heading of entertainment.

Long before AGT happened and he won the 1o year contract with the Mirage, he had started putting in the hard work. This hard work was to get him where he is today. Frank Kallao, who is the senior vice president for MGM Resorts, said that Terry was deemed to be a perfect fit the moment they saw him on stage. The reason he said that he liked Fator was that the star appeals to people of all ages between 8 and 80.

The Mirage initially signed Fator for a $100 million deal that was extended later, and last year they celebrated their 10th anniversary together. During this period, Terry has racked up more than 1800 performances for an audience of greater than a million people in total. It was when he was ten years old that Fator got a book from his school library, which changed his life. This book originally published in 1954 and called “Ventriloquism for Fun and Profit” was written by Paul Winchell. This book provided a blueprint for Fator to follow.

Honing his skills

Fator has worked on his ventriloquism relentlessly. He has pursued more books and has listened to several records tirelessly showcasing the craft of ventriloquism from big names such as Edgar Bergen and Jimmy Nelson. Fator found out early that he can double down the practice with his studies. When his parents asked him to clean up his room or mow the lawn, he would practice. It was from here Fator started honing his skills. He continued with the studies, spent time as a singer in a band, and did shows for schools, fairs, and in any place that would host him.

The signature item on his show is the impersonation of real-life singers. One of the main reasons why he learned to sing was because he liked singing in his car. He disclosed this fact in an interview in 2008 to the Missouri Joplin Globe. He would see others singing in the car, and it appeared strange to him, so he did it without moving his lips.


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