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Puma from Black Ink Net Worth: How Rich is the Cast Member Actually?



Puma from Black Ink Net Worth

Paul Robinson, who is better known as Puma, is the owner of Art2Ink and had formerly been working as a Public Relations Manager of Black Ink which has a television series of the same name in VH1. As of 2019, Puma from Black Ink net worth is around $300,000.

Puma was born on February 13, 1982 in New York City, New York. He has been friends CEO of Black Ink Crew, Ceaser Emmanuel since childhood though they have had many black and white moments in their friendship.

Puma had actually appeared in the very first scene of the show when it premiered in 2013 where he had gave a short glimpse about what happens in the shop. He had been a part of the main cast until his relationship with Ceaser would deteriorate heavily. During his time in the show, he was well known for the duo he formed with cast member named Sassy called Wonder Twins.

Their conflict had initially started because Ceaser’s girlfriend at the time named Dutchess Lattimore had been causing some tension in the shop that eventually ended with Puma’s decision to quit and rather start his own tattoo shop.

But, in Ceaser’s 40th birthday, Puma showed up and had a genuine conversation about the rough past that the two had. Though there were tensions among the two, they eventually seemed to make peace with Puma mentioning that there were bigger things to focus on now that both of them have children.

Puma is married to Quani, who also appears on Black Ink Crew. They have a child named Tamia whom Puma had named accordingly after his deceased close friend had passed away who had thought of naming his child as Mia.

Yet, Quani is still skeptical about Ceaser trying to cozy up with Puma. Her doubts would increase even more when Puma had surprised her with a third shop that Puma was about to open, this time in partnership with Ceaser. Quani wasn’t buying any of it and rather got angry as Puma hadn’t mentioned about this with her. She was already complaining about Puma’s lack of maintaining a work-life balance.

Puma from Black Ink Net Worth: $300,000

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