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Mike Lindell Net Worth.



Mike Lindell Net Worth

Mike Lindell Net Worth

There are several American inventors and entrepreneurs, but the name of Mike Lindell is at the top. He is one of the most successful men of America and CEO of My Pillow.

Mike Lindell is an American Inventor, entrepreneur, and businessman who achieved a lot of success in the past many days. He belongs to the republican party of America. Before emerging as a grand person of America, he was indulged in many small businesses, and finally, after his rigorous endeavor, he reached the zenith of his life. The man is successful, and it didn’t mean that his life was easy and comfortable. He was addicted to drugs and cocaine, and his wife was about to give him a divorce.

Finally, after learning from his life’s flaws, he established My Pillow, one of the biggest manufacturing companies in America, and now he is leading a good life. Lindell himself produced a short documentary incorporating his personal life issues. He was accoladed with the doctor of business in 2019 by Liberty University. There are many more things to know about Mike Lindell. Let’s go deeper in his successful life.

Real Name

The real name of Mike Lindell is Michael James Lindell. He is popularly known as Mike Lindell and often referred to as My Pillow Guy.

Nick Name

Mike Lindell is popularly known as the Pillow Guy because he is the CEO of The Pillow, one of the largest manufacturing companies in America.


Mike Lindell is a successful investor, businessman, and entrepreneur. He is known for his company, The Pillow. He is the CEO of this manufacturing company.

Before establishing this company, Lindell was involved in many small businesses. He was suffering from the bad phase of life as he got addicted to drugs and cocaine. After emerging from all such things, he constituted his all endeavor and started My Pillow, and the company is one of the best manufacturing companies in America.


Mike Lindell cuts the cake on 28th June. He was born on 28th June 1961.


Mike Lindell was born in Mankato, Minnesota (USA).

Height, Weight

Mike Lindell is a man of good personality as he is enjoying a handsome height of 5 feet, 10 inches. His weight is 84 kg.

Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign of Mike Lindell is cancer.


Mike Lindell is an American.


He is pure American.

Love Life

Everybody has a love life, and if we talk about Mike Lindell, then his love life was disastrous and traumatic. He was in love with Dallas Yocum. The couple got married and lived with each other for 20 years. Their life was all good, and they have for kids also. Everything was going well, but suddenly Lindell got addicted to drugs and cocaine, and finally, his happy married life came to a tragic end.

They were divorced in 2013 as Mike Lindell was addicted to drugs and cocaine in the 1980s to 1990s. That was the traumatic part of Lindell’s love story.


The name of Mike Lindell’s father is James Robert Lindell.


The name of Mike Lindell’s Mother is Barbara Levon Booth.


If we talk about the siblings of Mike Lindell, then he has two siblings in the form of sisters. They are Robin Priscilla Lindell and Cynthia Kay Lindell.


How can we talk about the salary of a man who is the CEO of such a big manufacturing company? He is the CEO of My Pillow and gives high wages to those who work in his company. He is the owner of $300 million.

Mike Lindell

Net Worth

If we talk about the net worth of Mike Lindell, then it is about $300 million according to 2018 reports.


Mike Lindell is a Christian and believes in the tenets of Christianity immensely.


Mike Lindell completed his education from the University of Minnesota. He achieved a doctor of business in 2019 by Liberty University.

Future Events

Nothing with certainty can be said about the future events of Mike Lindell. He is associated with the Republican party and always advocated Donald Trump in his speeches.

Social Media Pages

Social media has undoubtedly played an essential role in the life of people in this world. It allows you to get connected with your lovers and close relatives.

Mike Lindell is currently active on his Twitter handle. His Twitter account is @MikeLindell. If you want to get connected with him, then you can follow him on twitter.

Does Mike Lindell Have A Criminal Record?

Mike Lindell has no criminal records, but his company, My Pillow, was in controversy in 2017. The company was alleged with running false ads of the pillows manufactured in their company. The ads claimed that the pillow is highly beneficial in reducing snoring, fibromyalgia, migraines, and other medical problems.

The prosecutors charged the company for running wrong infomercials for the product manufactured in the company. Later, the company settled the matter with $1 million. In defense, My Pillow said that the company is not involved in making any false claim. Whatever advertisements have been issued in favor of the product was cent percent correct. Still, after that, may issues were there for the company, which was shorted out by the continuous defensive statements of Mike Lindell.

Any Gossip

Mike Lindell is a successful American inventor and businessman. Besides all these things, he is a Republican. Now and then, he is seen to be advocating Donald Trump and his works in the country. He is genuinely devoted to the political party he is associated with.

During the 1980s, he was caught in the clutches of drugs and cocaine. His life was heavily tormented and almost claimed his happy married life of a long 20 years.

After all these things, Mike Lindell started a rehab center where addicted patients were treated so that they can come out of this bad influence in their life.

What People Most Search For Him?

Mike Lindell is mostly searched for his company, My Pillow, and his participation in the politics and advocacy for Donald Trump.

Companies Owned

Mike Lindell is currently operating his company popularly known as My Pillow. The company is highly popular as it is one of the best manufacturing companies in America.

Besides this big firm, Mike Lindell has some other business where he was involved before the establishment of My Pillow.

Political Views

Mike Lindell is an active politician as he is from the Republican party of America. He is a supporter of the party and the principles of the part. He is often seen advocating Donald Trump and his views.

Famous Friends

One of the famous friends of Mike Lindell is Donald Trump, Honorable President of the United States of America. Mike Lindell is associated with his Republican party.


There are some of the facts related to the life of Mike Lindell, which will help his lovers and supporters to know him in a better way. His life was full of ups and downs, and hence on that basis, we can say that he is the ultimate winner of his life as he created his path. Here are some of the facts related to the life of Mike Lindell.

  1. Mike Lindell was running small businesses before starting My Pillow, which is one of the best manufacturing companies in America.
  2. He was once severely affected by the addiction of drugs and cocaine and disturbed almost a decade of his life.
  3. He was abandoned by his wife finally divorced just because of his limitless addition to drugs and cocaine.
  4. He is a fast friend of American president Donald Trump and an active member of the Republican Party of America.
  5. His company, My Pillow, was once surrounded by controversy where it was alleged that the company is making false ads regarding the product company is manufacturing.
  6. The love life of mike Lindell finally ended after 20 years of marriage just because of his addiction to drugs and cocaine.
  7. It took $1 million for the allegation of making false ads of the products manufactured by My Pillow.
  8. He is one of the best and renowned entrepreneurs of America and influenced many others for the same.
  9. After surviving the dangerous stage of drugs and cocaine addiction, mike Lindell learned a lesson and to reform the mistakes he started rehab centers where drug-addicted patients are treated.

Career Highlights

The career of Mike Lindell is immensely successful as he is the owner of one of the biggest manufacturing companies in America, known as My Pillow.

Mike Lindell was once unbalanced in his life due to the addiction to drugs and cocaine. Still, slowly and gradually, he emerged from that grave situation and is now inspiring many other young people of America to be on the righteous path of the path.

Apart from business, he is an active politician also as he is associated with the party of Donald Trump, which is the republican party. Everything is going well in his life, and recently in 2019, he got a doctor in business by Liberty University.

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