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NF Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper in 2019 Actually?



NF Net Worth

Nathan John Feuerstein, who is better known by his stage name as NF, is an American rapper and songwriter. NF is the ultimate underdog as he is lesser-known among people yet his works are of the highest quality and have done great. His 2017 album called Perception debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. The single within this album called “Let You Down” was a massive hit which was a certified triple platinum in the United States. As of 2019, NF net worth is $6 million.

Nathan was born on March 30, 1991, in Gladwin, Michigan. He studied at Gladwin High School where he graduated in the year 2009. While there, he was a good basketball player and even played on the school’s team.

Nathan’s parents had divorced when he was still a child. He was then raised by his mother who had moved on from his father with another man. Yet, after Nathan was abused by this boyfriend, his father came to the picture and started to rear him. One very sad incident that occurred in his childhood was the death of his mother in 2009 from a drug overdose.

This was a very sad and dark time in Nathan’s life and he would later even make a song called “How Could You Leave Us” as a dedication to her. Nathan is a devout Christian and as a result of many even refer to him as a ‘Christian rapper’.


Having a troubled family at times, Nathan found music to be his ultimate escape and as a result, he would spend hours listening to Eminem songs. Eventually, he started to record songs of his own and in 2010, under his original name, he launched his debut studio album called Moments. He started out by initially doing performances in his hometown of Michigan at the Fine Arts Festival.

Soon, he started getting noticed and in 2012, he would get associated with Xist Music. Through them, he released an EP called I’m Free with the standout song in the EP being “Alone”. Yet, he soon parted ways with them and moved forward on his own. He didn’t let these things distract him at all and would go on release songs like “Beautiful Addiction” in 2013.

After signing with Capitol Christian Music Group in 2014, things started to take flow for him in his career. Soon, he released his first studio album called Mansion in 2015 which included the song called “Intro”. This would even be featured in the popular video game called Madden NFL 16. The next year, he would release “Therapy Session” which was written as reflections upon some of his own personal experiences and thoughts on life. It included songs like “I Just Wanna Know”, “Real”, and “Warm Up”.

His most popular work has been Perception which was his third studio album. “Let You Down” would become the standout single in the album that propelled him to the top of the music charts. Everybody started asking, who is NF? Many have even compared his style to Eminem and that seems to make sense since he grew up under a large part under his influence.

NF Net Worth

NF has an estimated net worth of $6 million. His album Perception had sold over 1 million units in total. Soon after this success, he went on a tour along with Logic and Kyle. Such success has been the key to NF’s large net worth. His goal is to keep on making quality music that fans will love though many still don’t know him.

But, that doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He actually likes to be the underdog. He once even gave advice to artists who are just starting out about the importance of holding a job and paying your bills as it is necessary to maintain this balance when you are pursuing music. He explained how he had held his job even after six months of being signed with a record label.

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