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Harry Hains Net Worth: How Rich was Jane Badler’s Son Actually?



Harry Hains Net Worth

Harry Hains was an Australian actor known to many for playing on American Horror Story. He is also the son of famous actress Jane Badler. Harry Hains net worth before his death is estimated to be $700,000.

Harry was born on December 4, 1992, in Melbourne, Australia to Stephen Hains and Jane Badler. He had a brother named Sam Hains. Having raised by an actress and successful parents, Harry had his mindset of having a career in the entertainment industry. He ditched medical school and went to Los Angeles to focus on his modeling career. As a model, he has featured on several magazines like Wonderland, Amica Italia, Hero, and Shortlist.

Besides modeling, Harry was also an actor. He was in one episode of American Horror Story and had parts in TV series like Sneaky Pete and The OA. He has also appeared in movies like The Surface, A Haunting at Silver Falls 2, Chase, Day Driver, and Lulu. In addition to modeling and acting, Harry was also involved in music. He performed under the name ANTIBOY. He had released a music album ‘A Glitch in Paradise’.

On January 7, 2020, Harry died at the age of 27. His mother Jane Balder announced the shocking news via Instagram. She wrote, “He was 27 and had the world at his feet”. She also shared that her son had a history of mental illness and addiction.

No details about his death have arrived yet but he previously opened up his suffering from severe sleeping disorder and revealed that he had self-destructive tendencies.

Harry’s mother Jane shared the picture of him and captioned “On Jan 7 my beautiful son died. He was 27 and had the world at his feet. But sadly he struggled with mental illness and addiction. A brilliant spark shone brightly too short time..I will miss you, Harry, every day of my life…if you are in LA and know harry there is a service for him at Hollywood Forever Sunday, Jan 12 at 3 pm. 6000 Santa Monica Blvd…RSVP”.

Harry Hains Net Worth: $700,000

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