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Dakotaz Net Worth: How Rich is the Twitch Streamer Actually?



Dakotaz Net Worth

Brett Hoffman, who is better known by his online alias as Dakotaz, sometimes referred to as DK, is a Twitch Streamer and a Youtuber. He is an active player of the game Fortnite and today has over 4 million followers on his Twitch channel. As of 2019, Dakotaz Net Worth is estimated to be $2.5 million.

Hoffman was born on July 13, 1986, in the United States. He studied at PD Graham Elementary School in Westland, Michigan. Currently, he has moved to France for unspecified reasons. Dakotaz is appreciated for a persona without masks and staying true to who he is as a person without any gimmicks.


Hoffman actually started to stream in 2012. Back then, he wasn’t really thinking about seeing it as a career at all nor was the platform big enough at the time in order for him to be making a living. Yet, he was consistently streaming while working on his job too. With his PvP skills, he started to get more noticed among users for his competence and as a result, one fellow user named PaperBat gave him a donation of $500.

That was huge for Hoffman at the time and motivated him to continue making more streams. He even invested that amount into his first mic as well as headphone upgrade that was gradually helping him to improve the quality of his already great videos. In the next two months of him playing WarZ, he decided to quit his job and fully immerse into streaming full-time since he was starting to see a huge market for streaming.

He was a part of Team SoloMid, which is an eSports team, joining the lights of HighDistortion on January 11, 2018. He was actually associated with them since 2009. But, he would decide to leave TSM  soon as it didn’t seem to be a good fit for him. He has been able to successfully build upon his War-Z videos by following it up with his transitioning into PUBG as well as Fortnite in recent times.

He truly stands by the tagline of “No gimmicks, just skill.” As streamers, many tend to have an extended personality which fakes enthusiasm in order for users to feel an extra buzz. Hoffman doesn’t believe in this at all and has decided to portray himself to the character he plays best: Himself. That is why we see him rather focus on his skills more as well as commentary about the game. He was the number one on the poll of the best fortnite streamer that was created by Redbull and was the only one on the list who didn’t even use Facecam. He rather has full belief in his gaming ability as well as his earnest commentary.

Dakotaz Net Worth

Dakotaz has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. He has maintained humility and personal marketing though his following has become so huge. This can be seen by his efforts of being dedicated of calling out every new subscriber on his stream though that number can become monumental at times. He currently has 5400 paying subscribers.

Moreover, he has been active on Youtube since 2013 and today has over 3 million subscribers contributing to 270 million views. This has also been a source of income for him through the advertisements and brand endorsements that he does from time to time.

One of his major sponsors is an energy drink called G-Fuel that is also backed by stars such as PewDiePie, Dr. Disrespect, and Roman Atwood. His own merchandise collection is also available which has been made in partnership with Design by Humans that has the theme of the Sniper with a popular collection being branded as “We Hit Those”.

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