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Pratt Daddy Crystals Net Worth – & more crazy stats



Modeling Pratt Daddy Crystal

Pratt Daddy Crystals Net Worth.

Pratt Daddy crystals pic

How much is the pratt daddy crystals company worth? Let us go through what we know and what we don’t know about this company, seems like a lot of people are interested in knowing exactly how many sales does the pratt daddy crystals company make or what pratt daddy is worth.

So, first of all, there is from my research no real number so let us take all the information that I can find from the small amount of data that I have seen and add it all up to come up with a reasonable and fair estimate on the pratt daddy crystals net worth.

First, if you read the stories about the company, you will see the personalities behind pratt daddy crystals, reality tv stars Heidi Montag y husband, Spencer Pratt.  We will write about these two in another article about there rise to fame, and the net worth of the two before they went broke then started their come back with this very company Pratt Daddy Crystals.

If you came here searching about the pratt daddy, you probably already know a little about the company, how was it started and who started it so, for now, I probably haven’t told you anything you already don’t know.

Pratt Daddy Crystal Logo

Pratt Daddys Social Media Net Worth

Ok, let’s start with Social Media Pratt daddy’s Instagram account has at the moment 60.7k followers and 506 posts (the 24th of March 2020). First, we need to know what an Instagram follower is worth? It is hard to answer this but, most media sites that pay to post ads on your website, calculate this on various metrics.

One of the more active followers, the more they’re worth, two the niche that’s followed makes a difference in what the followers’ worth is, and third is brand name recognition or influence.

Sites that are name brands or influencers carry more weight per follower.

In Pratt daddy’s case, let’s say since they are so niche-specific, their followers are only looking for Pratt Daddy stuff or related items, so since there is no price point, we will look at possible sales.

Now we all know that influencers can make more money from posts. Since this site is so niche-specific other then it’s own ads and marketing, I don’t see to much value for most advertisers.

According to “inkifi” could bring in around $342.49 per post now, we need to understand that is what the company’s Instagram page could charge for posting someone else’s ad if you take into account that this is a very niche-specific Instagram account.

The followers are interested in this product as it is a product page. You can imagine that with each post, they most at least be getting 10-15% of there followers reposting and at least 5% visiting their site to buy a crystal.

So let’s say each post today, between there posts and the repost on Instagram get seen by 50k eyeballs out of those 50K let’s say only 2% visit their site that is 1000 visitors looking to buy.

Now since this is very niche specific, it should bring in better sales then a standard product lets say clothes or electronics, etc.. so let’s say 5% buy a crystal.

Prices for there products, ranging from $30 – $3,475. And a realistic average price of products at around $150.  The website should be making about $7500 per post.

However, the first post they made did not have as many followers as the later post. So lets cut that $7500 per post down to half of that, remember this is only a guess, From the information I have at my disposal.

So half of the $7500 would be $3,750 per post times the 506 posts made on the pratt daddy Instagram would come to a whopping $1,897,500 in sales so far from their Instagram site.

Modeling Pratt Daddy Crystal

Pratt Daddy Instagram Net worth = UNKNOWN

Pratt Daddy Instagram possible sales since inception = $1,897,500.

Next in line is the pratt daddy Facebook page, from what I see their Facebook page, it is not doing as well as the Instagram page.  However, to come up with a realistic guess of what the pratt daddy crystal business is worth, we must count everything.

Their pratt daddy facebook as of today (the 25th of March 2020) the webpage has 4,855 likes and 5,059 followers, let’s dig into what a like or a follower on Facebook is worth, first of all, this is debated heavily and like Instagram hard to put a real price on each. But we will do our best. 

Sites like Syncapse, (SIC) Social Intelligence Company, puts the price on average, like at around $174.17. However, many others will put the cost at anywhere from $0.10 – $400+. How numbers get calculated depends on many variants, too many to go into at the moment.

So what is a Facebook-like worth, this depends on what the page is about, and who likes your posts/page, for example, if Kim Kardashian, like’s your product, it will be shown on her page, of 30,000,000+ followers.

She has more than one page, so a few more likes from this same follower on her other pages can be worth 1000’s to 100’s of thousands of dollars.

I can’t tell you who all follows this site, but I imagine a few celebrities follow it. But let’s low ball it and say each follower is worth $5 and each like is worth $10 that would make there Facebook followers worth $25,295.

There Facebook likes worth $48,550 since we can’t know how many eyeballs realistically see their ads when they post and how many of them visit there site to buy crystals? We will just put the approximate value of there website at $73,845.

The visitors that Facebook drives to there website is unknown; however, here are a few stats we found.

80% of Facebook Brand fans are more likely to be brand users the non-fans.

Fans are 18% more likely to be satisfied with the brand than non-fans.

Fans are more likely to continue using the brand by 11% over non-fans.

Fans, on average, spend 43% more in their respective categories in comparison to there counterparts, despite having a lower income.

I found this article which I found very interesting on what a Facebook like is worth in dollars? Check it out here.  Another great tool to check the value of a Facebook like is here.

Pratt Daddy Facebook Net Worth = $73,845 USD

Pratt Daddy Facebook possible sales since inception = Unknown.

Big Pratt Daddy Cristal

Pratt Daddy Twiter followers as of (the 25th of March, 2020) = 912.1k, which as of this moment, is the most successful of there social media accounts.  So what is a twitter follower worth in 2020

Next is Twitter

Twitter is were pratt daddy could shine, with two accounts found.

The first even though it is not the pratt daddy crystals, official twitter account, is Spencer Pratts twitter account.

Who, as mentioned above, is the owner of pratt daddy crystals, and he is using this account to send visitors to his pratt daddy website and has 912.1k followers.

The second twitter account, which is the pratt daddy official account, is newer and only has 1,361 followers.  Since he is using both accounts to advertise his business pratt daddy crystals, they will receive visitors from both, but since we are only talking about the pratt daddy crystals net worth, we will only count the official twitter account.

PCmag has publicly written that a twitter follower is worth $2.5 per month.  Webfluential calculates the per tweet of this account at between $14-$16.  In one company’s lawsuit, the lawers of this company also calculated their followers at $2.5 per month per follower as well. Tweetbinder calculates pratt daddy’s market value per tweet at $4.95, and if you consider engagement, they calculate the value of each tweet at $7.99.  FreeValuator calculates the twitter account to be worth 198.84 euros, not sure if this is per month or overall. TweetValue estimates the account to be only $187.

So as you can see, this is hard to calculate and, in the end, depends on the end product.

Let’s say the most reliable sources for the value of a twitter follower comes from PCmag.

To keep it conservative, let us take the estimated worth per follower down to half that which would be $1.25 per follower per month, and since social media sites and trends can change overnight, give it a business value of there current followers x’s six months.

$1.25 x’s 1,361 followers = $1,701.25

$1,701.25 x’s 6 months = $10,207.50

Pratt Daddy Crystal Pendent

Pratt Daddy Twitter Net Worth =  $10,207.50

Pratt Daddy Twitter possible sales since inception = Unknown.

Pratt Daddy youtube account only has 79 subscribers and has 0 content, so will consider it worth nothing.

Pratt Daddy, from what I can tell, does not have a LinkedIn account.

Pratt Daddy Pinterest’s views at this moment are only 32 viewers per month. However, the Pratt Daddy Crystals Board has 87 followers and receives 1.5k monthly viewers which is probably not enough to consider being worth too much lets put the worth of these viewers at $50 a month for six months so a total of $300

Pratt Daddy Pinterest Net Worth = 300

Pratt Daddy Pinterest possible sales since inception = Unknown.

To sum it up we estimate the Social media value estimated value of social media accounts between $80,000 – $90,000

Sales are unknown, but a good guess, after going through a few more details like traffic stats, from SemRush, Alexa.

And checking accounts on Amazon, we calculate their sales to be over $1 million per year minus cost and expenses + cost of brand name and domain website we think the business is doing about $600,000 a year profit.

Online businesses, is calculated at around three times yearly earnings so $1,800,000.°° plus net worth of there social media accounts of $80,000.

Pratt Daddy Crystals Net Worth – without more details or actual data from the company, the best guesstimate is the company worth.

$1,880,000 Dollars 


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