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Miss Kitty Net Worth: How Rich is the Black Inc Crew Star?



Miss Kitty Net Worth

Miss Kitty is a make-up artist and entrepreneur. She was part of the popular VH1 reality television series called Black Ink Crew from season 5 until season 8 where she worked as a receptionist until she got fired by CEO Ceaser Emmanuel. As of 2019, Miss Kitty net worth is estimated to be $300,000.

Kitty was born on February 28, 1992, in Washington, DC. Before she started working at the tattoo shop, she was busy working as a make-up artist. But, when the opportunity presented itself, she decided to work at the Black Ink Crew because of her awareness about the show being a great platform to further her career.

Kitty had been in an on and off relationship with Ceaser in the past. This wasn’t very well taken by Ceaser’s other woman named Crystal who blamed her for trying to “sleep her way to the top”. In the past, Crystal has even called her a “tramp assistant”. There has always been tension between the two and it was clearly seen in some of the scenes when they were together.

Though it is not sure, Crystal is known to have started the rumor about Kitty sleeping with Ryan Henry who is an associate to Ceaser looking after the Chicago branch of the Black Ink Crew.

This was an embarrassing situation for Ceaser and he seemed to take this very personally. As a result of this sexual affair, Kitty was confronted by Ceaser and would later talk with her in private indirectly saying that she was fired.

But, this has caused further drama and headache for Ceaser as Kitty is now set to take legal action as there was no legal basis or proper reasoning for Ceaser firing Kitty. Since then, Kitty has been working actively as a make-up artist again.

Moreover, she is trying to establish her own entrepreneurial endeavor having recently launched a branded brush set with more products expected to come soon. The show indeed did help her establish a big fan following and now it seems that she is trying to utilize it in the best way possible.

Miss Kitty Net Worth: $300,000

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