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David Eason Net Worth: How Rich is Jenelle Evans’ Ex-Husband?



David Eason Net Worth

David Eason is an entrepreneur who is the founder of Black River Metal and Wood which focuses on producing custom metal and wood products. He also works on creating handmade knives and leather goods. As of 2019, David Eason net worth is estimated to be $400,000.

Yet, Eason is better known because of the controversy that has surrounded him and his ex-wife named Jenelle Evans. Evans is best known for being a part of the cast of Teen Mom 2 and her involvement in the show has led to their relationship being a public phenomenon.

He had married Evans in 2017 and have a daughter named Ensley together. He also has a daughter named Maryssa as well as a son named Kade from a previous marriage.

The two had a rough divorce in October of 2019. After this settlement, Eason was to not have any contact either with Evans or the children. Recently, he spoke about Evans on social media which is not allowed according to the refraining order.

Yet, with the past that Eason has, that wasn’t the biggest of surprises especially with a lot of distortion of information happening about the couple’s drama on the internet. In the past too, Eason has been in contact with the law for not following it ideally.

Evans has even mentioned that she is scared of Eason because of his aggressive behavior and is concerned about her life because of his attitude and the weapons he has. Eason had previously killed a French Bulldog that Evans loved dearly since it got aggressive with their 2-year-old daughter.

Eason isn’t able to keep his thoughts to himself and has been public about his opinions to Evans in social media once even calling her as stupid.

However, Eason had mentioned that he acted out of self-defense of his daughter. The couple who were once a great match has now reached a destructive stage in their relationship and it seems that it will be a rarity to see the two together again.

David Eason Net Worth: $400,000

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