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ABG Neal Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper Actually?



ABG Neal Net Worth

ABG Neal is an upcoming rapper who is known for songs such as “Blurry”. He is also the CEO of a production & distribution company called Bix 8 Baby which he started only recently. As of 2019, ABG Neal net worth is estimated to be $150,000.

Neal was born on November 19, 1995, in Brooklyn, New York. Having grown up in the streets of Brooklyn, Neal became part of the ‘street life’ and was involved in many mischievous incidents that resulted in him being accused of a second-degree felony. This was when he was only 15 years of age.

Later on, as Neal grew older, he made the decision of getting into rap as he saw no other brighter option for his future. Moreover, he also saw that rap was the only mode through which he could earn a significant amount of money.

But, before this, Neal had been a boxer and would be getting into different fights starting from the age of 8. It was also because of his boxing life that he got the name of ABG which actually stands for Anybody Get It. He has carried on the name ABG  towards his rap career as well.

Neal would get exposure when he had partnered with a rapper named Ca$$ with the two producing some of the best music they have created in their careers. Among them, some of their most popular ones included “Posted” and “Forrest Gump”. Things were going good for the two and they were starting to emerge in different media as well.

But, it was also during this time that Ca$$ would get incarcerated at the age of 22. This meant that Neal had to focus upon his solo career and as a result, has been making moves on his own as of late.

Neal too has gotten into several feuds and problems with the law. Recently, he was the victim as a rival rapper named Envy Caine and a crew of Gangster Disciples had beaten him up badly as well as robbed his expensive shoes.

ABG Neal Net Worth: $150,000

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