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Mark Consuelos Net Worth​.



Mark Consuelos Net Worth

Mark Consuelos Net Worth​.

The Spanish-born Mark Consuelos is an American award-winning actor who has worked in both films and TV series. He is famous for his rendering of Mateo Santos in the popular soap “All My Children”. Consuelos has hosted some reality shows as well related to dating and news. The actor was born in Zaragoza, Spain however, he resided mainly in Italy and the U.S. He attended school at Bloomingdale High School and went to the University Of Notre Dame. He received a marketing degree from the University of South Florida in the year 1994.

One of his famous roles was in “Connect With English”. It was an education series that was released as a part of the CPB/Annenberg project. Consuelos began his acting career with a hit series on television called “All My Children”. The series ran from 1995 to 2002. In the series, he co-starred with Kelly Ripa and the soap opera provided huge popularity to Mark within a short span of time.

Before getting a break as an actor in “All My Children” Mark worked as a male exotic dancer in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. He worked for a club called “Stingers” during the mid-1990s and his stage name was Meat. The famous actor-director Chris Bruno is the godfather to Michael Joseph the first son of Mark and Kelly. Consuelos eloped with Kelly in 1996 and they decided not to have a formal wedding. The couple has a production company named after their children called MiLoJo Productions. Although Mark was born in Spain he did not speak any Spanish just some Italian.


Real Name: Mark Andrew Consuelos.

Nickname: Meat, Mark.

Profession: Actor.

Birthday: March 30, 1971.

Birthplace: Zaragoza, Spain.

Height: 5’9″.

Zodiac Sign: Aries.

Nationality: Spanish, American

Ethnicity: Italian-Mexican

Love Life: Mark and his wife Kelly Ripa met during the filming of the soap opera “All My Children” in 1995. They went from the on-screen love team to real-life sweethearts. They got married secretly in 2016 in Las Vegas. The couple has two sons and one daughter with the elder son Michael Joseph born in 1997, daughter Lola Grace born in 2001, and the youngest son Joaquin Antonio in 2003. Michael Joseph is following the footsteps of his parents into the showbiz. While the younger children are still in their respective schools.


Father: Saul Consuelos

Mother: Camilla Consuelos

Siblings: Consuelos has one brother, who works as a doctor, and a sister, who works as a lawyer.

Net Worth: USD 40 Million.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

Religion: Roman Catholic.

Education: The University of Notre Dame, University of South Florida.

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Mark Consuelos loves traveling to Italy and he does so once every year. His hobbies are playing sports such as soccer and softball although he plays several other sports. He also enjoys working out.

Some Mark Consuelos Facts

In the years 1998 and 1999 Mark was declared the winner of American Latino Media Arts Awards in the category of the extraordinary actor of a Daytime Soap Opera. In the year 2010 Mark visited the debut of Cop Out in New York where he was in discussion with Bryan Johnson in relation to a spying Walt Flanagan. Consuelos also featured in a TV drama serial called Law and Order Special Victims Unit. He took part in the episode Equity Denied and this role was praised a great deal by the TV critics. Mark also portrayed Spivey in the TV series American Horror Story Asylum during the second season. It was a remarkable performance unique to his long career. He was awarded the Teen’s Choice Award in the category Choice TV Villain for 2018. Apart from playing roles in various TV shows and films, Consuelos has also hosted reality shows such as Sea Quest and Fortune Hunter.


While he was working on the series “All My Children” Mark appeared in a range of film and TV projects such as Friends in 2001, Third Watch in 2001 and 2003, Hope & Faith in 2005 and 2006, the war epic The Great Raid in 2005, the comedy My Super Ex-Girlfriend in 2006, and Ugly Betty in 2008. He also donned the talk show hosting hat regularly along with his wife Ripa who was also making a name for herself as a talk show host beside Regis Philbin on Live! With Regis and Kelly which ran from 2001 to 2011. The series got other names as the co-host changed 2011 onwards.

Mark was also responsible for hosting two dating reality shows by NBC in the year 2007: Age of Love and Science of Love. He was also a panelist on the Fridays Live part of Oprah Winfrey Show although the series did not last long. In the year 2016 Mark appeared as the baseball team manager Oscar Arguella in “Pitch” which was a new drama from Fox. However, the series did not last long and was canceled after one season. He enjoyed success the following year though via Riverdale where he was cast as a billionaire villain Hiram Lodge in the VW’s teen soap. Apart from playing the bad guy Consuelos played a Latin father on the series. In Riverdale, we also saw Mark’s elder son Michael Consuelos playing the role of younger Hiram Lodge.

In the “Law and Order” episode called “Justice Denied” Mark played the role of a prime suspect involved in a fierce assault. His character was called Michael. He was not a novice to the “Law and Order” series though. He had featured as a visitor in the series earlier in an episode called Albatross in the 6th season. He portrayed a U.S. attorney engaging in the life of a judge.

Mark was a part of another successful TV series called Missing which ran from 2004 to 2006. It was for this series that he got a nomination for Imagen Awards in the category of the best supporting actor on TV. He appeared in many series and movies such as The Protector and Third Watch. In the year 2013, he starred in Alpha House a political comedy by Amazon. He played the role of a Florida senator called Andy Guzman. The plot has it that he is living with 3 republican senators in a Capitol Hill house. Consuelos spent most of the mid-year in 2014 recording the second season of Alpha House.

Mark and Kelly

During the quantum leap, he took in 1995 by landing the role of Mateo Santos in “All My Children” TV soap opera he also became hopelessly enamored with the onscreen heroin and partner Kelly Ripa. He wedded her furtively in May of 1996. Mark was living on the couches of co-actor Winsor Harmon at the point. Winsor was one of the few people who knew that Mark and Kelly were dating at the time. Mark and Ripa kept the tapes of the series until 2002 when Ripa decided to focus on her other activity, taking control of Kathie Lee Gifford as a host and the show was to go Live! later.

Mark Consuelos never really got involved in politics till Trump stated that Mexico sends rapists and killers to the U.S. He was taken aback by the statement and as a protest spent a weekend campaigning for Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign in Las Vegas. He mentioned that Trump’s rhetoric was scary. He went door to door asking people to vote for Clinton.


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