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Jessica Goch Blevins Net Worth – and what you don’t know about her.



Jessica Goch Blevins Net Worth

Jessica Goch Blevins Net Worth

Jessica Goch is a gamer and a popular social media personality. She is from America and is better known for the live streams of Halo with the tag of JGhostly. Jessica is the wife of another famous gamer called Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and he is famous as a Ninja and Ninjas hyper. Jessica Goch was born in July of 1992 at Schofield, Wisconsin in the U.S. She went to school at Wausau High School. When Jessica was in high school she joined a dance team. After high school, she completed her graduation in the subject of HR management and interpersonal communication. She completed her graduation from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.

Several people play video games for entertainment and leisure. However, there are only a few of them such as Jessica Gosh Blevins who have turned it into a profitable career. The social media personality and gamer is popular because of her live streams under Halo with the tag of JGhostly. This American celebrity has a massive presence on social media with incredibly popular accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. She commands a massive range of followers. In 2017, she married her long-standing boyfriend Tyler Blevins. He is also a gamer and is extremely popular. Her mother is called Darcy Goch and her brother is Joshua Goch. She completed the schooling in 2010 and joined the University for a Bachelor of Arts degree she received in 2014.


Real Name: Jessica Goch Blevins.

Nick Name: Jessica.

Profession: Gamer, social media influencer.

Birthday: June 231992.

Birthplace: Schofield, Wisconsin, U.S.

Height: 5’5”.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer.

Nationality: American.

Ethnicity: Caucasian White.


Father: NA.

Mother: Darcy Goch.

Spouse: Tyler Blevins.

Net Worth: $2 million.

Religion: Christianity.

Education: University of Wisconsin, Whitewater.

Social Media Pages:

Facebook =

Instagram =

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YouTube =

Her Husbands Social Media

Facebook =

Instagram =

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YouTube =

Early Life

Jessica Jghosty Goch Blevins

While growing up Jessica shared her childhood with the elder brother called Joshua. During her childhood, she started enjoying video games along with her brother. Sonic was one of the games they enjoyed most. With age, her interest in video games grew and she began to play the games in isolation. Halo on the XBOX happened to her at this time. Even though she loved the video games a great deal she did not allow it to affect her education.

After completing her education she took the big step and started her YouTube channel called JGhostly where she uploaded her first video called “Slender Death”. She kept on adding newer videos and as she became more popular with age and quickly, she kept on getting new followers. As a result, she decided to take another step forward and started the Twitch channel called JessicaBlevins. Her streams on the channel became quite popular and encouraged by this early success she continued her work on the channel. She has more than 4, 75, 000 followers on Twitch. This was instrumental in the rise in her wealth significantly.

Jessica and Tyler

Jessica Boch met her husband to be Tyler Blevins for the first time at a Halo tournament known as Focus Fire held in Lacrosse in the year 2010. She was a freshman at the time. Tyler already had a girlfriend at the time and there were no fireworks during the meeting. The couple re-connected again after three years through Twitter. Later they got engaged in 2016 and got married a year later at the Lehman mansion in Lave Villa, Illinois.

The story of Jessica and Tyler is one of the more exciting love stories in the world. When she was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin in 2010 she was invited to the Halo tournament by her boyfriend at the time in Lacrosse. The tournament was called Focus Fire. She almost did not make it to the tournament despite the invite. This was because of the various events leading up to the tournament. She broke up with her boyfriend a week before the Focus Fire. Apart from that, the drive to the town of Lacrosse is more than three hours long and there was a terrible snowstorm on the way. All this made Jessica even more apprehensive about the tournament. However, despite all the trouble Jessica managed to reach the tournament where she was to meet Tyler Blevins.

As Boch recalls Blevins had a girlfriend at the time. Because of this fact, the two could not talk much at the time however, they kept in touch with one another by using social media while Jessica completed her college. After the passage of three years, the couple bumped into each other through their Twitter accounts. Boch texted a message to Blevins and was surprised to get an immediate response. It was at this time they exchanged their contact details and started making plans to meet up in person. Things went on well after this and now the couple is married.

Jessica and Tyler enjoy an extremely admirable relationship. It is because Jessica is not only his companion but also performs the dual role as his manager. It is a well-known fact that most companions like to work separately and keep away from the spouses on that front. This couple however likes working together and seeing each other often. Jessica not only promotes the career of her husband but also manages her own and house responsibilities.


Jessica is a part of the management team of Tyler Blevins. In the team, she is in control of communications and client negotiations. Before Tyler entered her life she started working after her graduation in 2014 with STI Fleet services. Jessica became a brand ambassador for the company Cyber Solutions Agency before she moved to Ubisoft in the post of public relations officer.

Jessica was always interested in video games since her childhood. She played games such as Super Mario and Pokeman in the beginning. Jessica also taught at a school for children with disabilities at the University of Wisconsin for a few months. However, she came into limelight after marrying the famous fellow gamer Ninja alias Tyler Blevins. She met Tyler at the Firefox tournament. The couple travels together for their work and Jessica also accompanies Tyler on his gaming tours and tournaments. In 2018 the couple was spotted at the ESPY Awards.

After the marriage to Tyler Blevins, she became even more popular among her followers and this encouraged her to launch a modeling career. After this, she has worked for several brands such as Cyber Solution. All of these things have contributed to her overall wealth. As a manager to Tyler, she can often be seen with him at the ComiCons, GameCons, and other events that are related to the world of gaming.

Net Worth

Jessica and Tyler have made millions of dollars together. Her husband Tyler makes more than $50,000 every month from streaming Fortnite. Jessica is equally responsible for his success and profit. At the moment Jessica has a net worth of more than $2 million and her husband is worth more than that. Jessica has more than 1, 58,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel called JGhostly.

Social media presence

Jessica Boch Blevins became famous mainly through Twitch and YouTube. She later extended her fan base by using other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. She can also be seen on Facebook. Her Instagram account has a massive 1.3 million followers. She has started sharing her more recent activities with Instagram fans such as time spent with her husband along with several other posts. She also has more than half a million followers on her Twitter account.



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