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Jessica Tarlov Net Worth – Just how rich is the Political Analyst



Jessica Tarlov Net Worth

Jessica Tarlov Net Worth

Jessica Tarlov is a famous political strategist, analyst, and consultant who has become famous due to her regular appearances in several T.V. networks such as FOX News. Tarlov is also the senior director for the Bustle Media Group, dealing with political research. Jessica was born in 1984 in March in New York to Judy Roberts and Mark Tarlov. Jessica’s mother, Judy, is a winemaker and a writer. Her father, Mark, is a famous producer and director in his own right. Jessica Tarlov is well-educated and has received a Bachelor’s degree from Bryn Mawr College of Arts & History. She acquired a master’s degree in 2007 from the famous London School of Economics & Political Science in the field of political science. While completing her education, she received a Ph.D. from the same college in the subject of political science and government.


Real Name: Jessica Mark Tarlov.

Nick Name: Jessica.


Political strategist, analyst, and T.V. personality.

Birthday: March 9, 1984.

Jessica Tarlov age: 36

Birthplace: Manhattan, New York.

Jessica Tarlov Height: 5’11”.

Zodiac Sign: Pieces.

Nationality: American.

Ethnicity: White.


Father: Mark Tarlov.

Mother: Judy Roberts.

Spouse: Alexander Noyes.

Net Worth: $1 million.

Religion: Christianity.

Education: London School of Economics and Political Science.

Social Media Pages:

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Early Life

Jessica is native to New York and grew up in a polished family. She began her career in 2007 in the form of a project manager for Merrill Lynch. In the year 2008, she worked as a research assistant for the famous political analyst Douglas Schoen. By 2012 she returned to work for him again as a political strategist. She made her first appearance on T.V. in one of the episodes of “Huckabee” from Fox News. After this, she has appeared in several programs such as “Hannity”, “Cavuto Live”, Red Eye w/Tom Shillue”, and “Fox and Friends”.


As stated earlier, the first assignment of her professional career was in the form of a project manager at Merrill Lynch. She began working here from June 2007. The next year she was picked to work for the political analyst Douglas Schoen as a research assistant. In her last year doing a Ph.D., she worked as a communication and digital strategist for the re-election campaign of Boris Johnson for the post of Mayor of London. This was from January to May of 2012. Jessica returned to America after this and again started to work for Schoen, who was to become her mentor in the upcoming years. She stayed with him till 2017 and made many appearances on Fox News in the form of a liberal commentator, along with serving as the political strategist for Schoen.

Jessica made her maiden debut as the political expert in the year 2014. She was a part of an episode detailing Mike Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas, in a self-titled show. During the year 2015, she appeared as one of the guest panelists in one of the episodes of the business analysis program called Cashin’ In’. In the same year, she also made appearances in “Red Eye with Tom Shillue”, “The O’Reilly Factor”, “The Greg Gutfield Show”, and “Cavuto on Business”. She also featured on the programs such as “Stossel”, “Clinton v Trump: America Decides”, “Making Money with Charles Paine”, “The Evening Edit”, “The Kelly Fire”, “America’s News Headquarters”, “Bulls & Bears”, “Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano”, “Fox and Friends”, “America’s Newsroom”, “The First 100 Days”, “Watters’ World”, “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo”, and “Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner”. Till the time this article was written, Jessica appears on many Fox News shows such as “Media Buzz”, “Hannity”, “Kennedy Live”, “Outnumbered”, and “The Story with Martha MacCallum”.

Jessica is one of the few liberal voices working with Fox News, although the T.V. channel is known more as a conservative mouthpiece. This fact led to the Washingtonian magazine naming her as Fox’s liberal. It was in the presidential election of 2016 she became a vocal supporter for the former secretary of state and U.S. senator Hillary Clinton. She was one of a kind among the staff of Fox News. After the defeat of Hillary Clinton, she published an article called “Thank You, Hillary Clinton,” which was published on the website of Fox News. For the upcoming 2020 presidential election, Jessica has decided to support Joe Biden, the former vice president. In 2018 Jessica published a book titled “America in the Age of Trump: A Bipartisan Guide”. She co-authored this book with her former mentor Schoen.

Jessica has worked quite a bit on her writing as well. She has written articles and columns for many publications and newspapers such as “Daily Beast”, “Forbes”, “N.Y. Daily News”, and “Fox News”. In the year 2017, she was retained by Fox News to be the regular contributor for them. During the same year, she was also hired by Bustle to perform duties as the Senior Director for Research and Consumer Insight. In her book titled “America in the Age of Trump,” she concentrates on the decline of the U.S. during the reign of Trump as the president.

Jessica Tarlov

Personal Life, Social Media, & Net Worth

As far as her personal life is concerned, it is a well-known fact that Jessica Tarlov has not ever been married yet. She doesn’t have any children yet either. However, she has been romantically involved with Roman Kuznetsov for quite some time now. Although very few things are known about this relationship and Roman, the couple can be seen on many social media posts. Jessica’s sister Molly Tarlov is a famous actress and is known for having played the role of Sadie Saxton in a series called “Awkward”. She is also known for the role she played in the movie “Simply Irresistible”. The film was directed by her father.

As of 2020, if the sources are to be believed, Jessica has the net worth of close to $1 million. This wealth has been earned basically by working as a T.V. personality. But she has also worked with different private and academic institutions during her career. As she continues with her career, it is expected that her wealth will increase considerably in the years to come.

Much like the several T.V. personalities and political correspondents, Tarlov is also extremely active on the net through social media channels and especially on Twitter. Her account on Twitter is many times filled with the latest news about different issues related to politics. Jessica also promotes her T.V. appearances on social media. She also promotes some of the advocacies, such as being an animal activist. Sometimes she posts an image of herself along with her boyfriend as they travel across different locations around the world. However, she has rarely posted any tweets about her own life in the recent past.

Hillary Clinton fan-girl

Tarlov openly supported Hilary Clinton during her presidential election campaign against Donald Trump in 2016. She has admitted publicly that she is a huge Clinton fan. She says, even the coldest of Republicans will admit that Hillary wanted all the Americans to have good health care and an opportunity toward high-quality education and an opportunity for a great future. She was bitterly disappointed by the fact that even the female votes did not come out for Hilary Clinton the way they were expected. According to her, there are many people out there who want to see a female president but it seemed strange to her that Hillary Clinton was not the choice for the voters. She also described the Clinton’s defeat as a change in the perception of feminism in the 21st century.

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