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Bill Pulte Net worth and Bio



William and Bill Pulte Net Worth

Bill Pulte Net worth and Bio

William John Pulte

Bull Pulte was a billionaire from the United States of America. He was known as an anonymous giver, a home builder, and a family man. The man was admired for his great work and was looked upon by many. He worked hard his entire life and lived his dream of building houses. The guy is a real example of hard work for all of us. Let’s have a look at the amazing life of Bill Pulte (late).

Real name: 

William John Pulte

 William John Pulte 


Bill Pulte




Bill Pulte was born on May 16, 1932.


He was born in Detroit, Michigan, United States.


Pulte was 5’8 ft tall.

Zodiac sign: 




Love life: 

Bill Pulte divorced his first wife and married Karen Koppal in 1993.


His father, also named William, was an insurance adjuster.


His mother, Hannah Lynch, was a homemaker.

Net worth: 

$ 1.8 billion




He studied at De La Salle Collegiate High school, Detroit.


In the year 2016, Richard Dugar Jr, who was the former chief executive officer of the Pulte Group, had shifted the head office of the company from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan to Atlanta. He also started running the company according to his way, which Pulte didn’t appreciate at all. At the time, Pulte owned 9% of the company and pressurized Dugar to resign. Also, Pulte made some extremely offensive comments regarding Richard and his leadership.

In 1990, Pulte told the Chicago Tribune that:

 “It only took one house to figure out that. 

             I was going to let other people do the building 

             and I was going to do the thinking.” 

Searched most for: 

Bill Pulte has been searched most for his net worth and his company.

Companies owned: 

Pulte was the founder and chairman of Pulte Group. It is one of the largest home construction and real estate development companies in the US.


He was a compassionate giver who loved giving charities. Pulte and his wife made sure to give charities to the ones suffering from poverty. Moreover, they also provided shelters to lots of needy people out there.

Bill Pulte had 14 children, 27 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

He was named ‘William’ after his father.

His funeral was held on 10th March. At the holy name Catholic Church.

Career highlights: 

 In 1950, one week after his graduation, he built a five-room Bungalow with the help of 5 of his friends. The bungalow was constructed near Detroit city airport and sold for $ 10,000. Pulte was 18 years old at the time.

Pulte built his first subdivision in 1959.

In 1960, Bill expanded his company from Michigan to Washington, DC, Chicago, and Atlanta.

In 1972, the company went public for the first time on the American stock exchange and then on the NewYork stock exchange in 1983.

The company started flourishing in the 1980s, functioning in more than 11 states and with revenues of about $294 million.

In 1995 it was known as the largest home building company in America for the year.

By 2005, the Pulte Group generated revenues of about $13.7 billion.

Pulte announced his retirement in 2010.

William or his company has been accredited with building over 600,000 homes in will’s life.

Bill, apart from building homes, was known along with his wife Karen for building shelters for those in poverty.


Pulte loved playing golf and was great at it.

He loved spending summer vacations in a farmhouse where he used to stay with his family.

Bill’s Children and Grandchildren could always count on him for a game of euchre afterward a fudge Sunday.

His true passion was for building homes.


He died at the age of 85, on the 7th of March, 2018, at his home in Naples, Florida.

I realize that you might have been searching for Williams Grandson who’s name is also Bill Pulte.

Bill PulteBill Pulte.

Bill became a social media big shot over the last year, not because of his family or their business or the fortune he has inherited even though it can’t hurt, but because he decided one day on vacation to create #TwitterPhilanthropy. Twitter Philanthropy is basically where he started to give away money to people in need and invite his followers to do the same and since has given money to vets, given cars and other help for all sorts of cases from medical problems too paying for the funeral of a 9-year-old Emma Hernandez.  If you are your family is in dire need of help, you can always join Bill on his Twitter account and tell him or his team your story and who knows you may be one of the lucky ones to get help from him or one of his 3.3 million followers.

I don’t want to take anything away from Bill’s Grandfather. I mean William built a multi-billion dollar company most of us in our lifetimes will never see money like this or even meet people who have made this kind of money. Still, the name Bill Pulte has gained recognition through Bill’s #TwitterPhilanthropy over the past year. He also has a Facebook account if you want to check it out called Bill Pulte Foundation, and Bill Pulte.  If you don’t have Facebook or Twitter, try him at this account on Linkedin, or his Instagram account.


So that you know there are many out there saying Bill is a scammer and maybe he is I don’t know I do not know the guy nor have I talked to the people he or his group of twitters have helped I have no doubt some people have been helped. By who I don’t know, even if Bill Plute is a fraud, I believe that the twitter group he has created is still a good cause and should help some people if not at least allow them to connect with others in need or willing to help. Read more about possible wrongdoing or selfish reasons behind the whole #TwitterPhilanthropy here.

Also, if you have a story to tell about Bill Pulte good or bad, please leave us a comment below; we would be grateful to hear from you, and I am sure everyone else as well.

Here are a few more hashtags you may be interested in checking out




There is a lot of people both saying bad and good things you will have to investigate and make up your mind about Bill on your own, so let’s get back to Bill Pulte.

Bill Pulte Net Worth

Pulte apart from receiving an unknown sum of money from his grandfather was a successful businessman in his own right he started his own company at a young age Pulte Capital Partners, He refers to himself as the (Inventor of Twitter Philanthropy) which in reality this is not that case there has been on different social reds throughout there short history a few others. Still, he is the most known on Twitter so we will give him that.

Bill got his degree from Northwestern University.

He is or has been a Board Member for the following companies Pulte Acquisition Corp, Olon Group Inc/The and Pulte Group Inc.

He is the CEO of Pulte Capital Partners LLC which is the company he started you can find it at the following address

1 North Saginaw Pontiac, MI 48342 United States or at the number 1-313-782-3745

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