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Tyler Hoover Net Worth: How Rich is Hoovies Garage Owner?



Tyler Hoover Net Worth

Tyler Hoover is an American Youtuber runs the channel called Hoovies Garage. The channel focuses on his adventures as an automotive freak who loves to make crazy car purchases and then do their maintenance. Similar lovers of cars have helped him to amass a subscriber count on Youtube which currently stands at close to 850,000. As of 2019, Tyler Hoover net worth is estimated to be $1.2 million

Hoover grew up in Wichita, Kansas where he studied at Andover High School and then continued his further studies by Wichita State University where his field of study was Political Science and Government.

His love for cars didn’t just come out of nowhere. He recalls in several of his writings how he had an affection for cars from a young age and even had a collection of over 100 model cars. Maybe it was because of this that somehow someway, he ended up becoming a car salesman. He had actually started working here during his university days.

Over time, as his experience in this field, so did his confidence. That would result in him opening up his own used car dealership called Ad Astra Automotive. Then business seemed to be doing great and with Hoover’s ambitions, he decided to expand the business to a new location as well. However, because of several internal reasons as well as external ones, the business would be forced to shut down.

It was here that when he was working a job as a coordinator at a franchisee of Freddy’s, he had started a Youtube channel called Hoovies Garage. At that time, his intention was to express himself through a passion that he had. Yet, over time, the videos that he started to make became very popular and resulted in him deciding to eventually leave his job in order to fully focus on his Youtube channel.

Moreover, Hoover had now become a writer about the automotive industry and writes columns for Autotrader and The Star Magazine. He is married to Anh Nguyen who he wed in 2019.

Tyler Hoover Net Worth: $1.2 million

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