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Jeremy Lock Net Worth- How Rich Is D’Andra Simmons Husband?



Jeremy Lock Net Worth

Jeremy Lock is a retired States Air Force Master Sergeant Combat Photojournalist. Throughout his career as a civilian photographer, Lock was able to capture some iconic scenes that show both the good and ugly sides about some of the realities of this world. As of 2019, Jeremy Lock net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Lock has a family that has a background in the military with his grandfather having served in World War II for the Army while his father too followed in his steps and served as an aeronautical engineer and lieutenant colonel in the Air Force. Their achievements and stories would definitely have been a big factor in Lock’s decision of being a part of the military as well.

He was not able to graduate from college and had a brief stint working in the field of construction. In 1992, he had enlisted for the Air Force and was assigned to work in the darkroom, where the different footages are processed. Here, he would have a good hold of different areas of photography and the job felt very meaningful to him since such photos were viewed by higher authorities upon which many key decisions for the country were formulated.

He eventually was able to get the task that he ultimately wanted to be a combat photographer and has been among the best in this field. He has won the award of Military Photojournalist of the Year seven times as well as the Bronze Star Medal for distinguished service in Iraq.

He has a unique and rare job where he has been stationed in different parts of the world with some of the parts of the world being high in magnitude in terms of human suffering.

He is married to D’Amdra Simmons who is an Entrepreneur who has taken over her family’s business which includes companies such as the nutrition line Ultimate Living and the skincare line Hard Night Good Morning. There were allegations of Lock cheating with a woman referred to as “pretty Jessica” but they have thankfully been deemed to be untrue.

Jeremy Lock Net Worth: $2 million

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