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Mark Croce Net Worth: How Rich was the Buffalo Businessman?



Mark Croce Net Worth

Mark Croce was an American businessman from Buffalo. He owns so many businesses in the Buffalo including Curtiss Hotel, Chop House, and Statler City. Mark Croce net worth before his death is estimated to be $50 million.

Mark was born in 1962 in Buffalo, New York. Unfortunately, we have no details about his personal life including family members, education details, and early life. What we know about him is that he started off his business career as a deli owner in Amherst.

In 1995, he started the Buffalo Development Corporation where he was the President and CEO of the corporation. Other businesses, he had a hand in are The Coliseum, Sky Bar and CEO of Curtiss Buffalo Inc.

As a professional businessman, he owns Curtiss Hotel, Chop House, Statler City and many other businesses that have directly or indirectly influenced Buffalo in so many ways.

On January 10, 2020, Mark and Michael Capriotto were killed in a helicopter crash in Mechanicsburg, Pa. According to the Sheriff, the helicopter crash occurred at about 8.30 p.m. en route from Washington D.C. to Buffalo.

According to the spokesman for Cumberland County, John Bruetsch, the helicopter crashed into the backyard of a home on the first block of Irongate Court in Silver Spring Township in Mechanicsburg. The helicopter did not hit any structures.

The officer John Bruetsh also added “the good news, although we have two fatalities, is that we do not have any injuries to anyone else, if there’s any good news to take away from this. There’s that”. He said “There was no fire at the crash scene but there’s pieces and parts strewn about. It’s over several yards”.

Mark Croce and Michael Capriotte were both dead at the scene. There were no rescue attempts. The cause of the crash is yet unknown and is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board.

Mark Croce Net Worth: $50 million

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