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Scott Fischer Net Worth



Scott Fischer, depending on which one you are searching for.  Rather it is the famous hiker that died in 1996, or Scott Fischer CEO of Dippin Dots, LLC and Dippin Dots Cryogenics.  In this article we will be talking about the Dippin Dots CEO, Scott Fischer, who went on the hit show Undercover Boss we’re people first started hearing about him.  Fischer comes from an oil family, most likely he learned his business skills from his father.  That is just a guess, anyways so a little about him, as I mentioned he comes from a family in the oil business, in 2012 Scott Fischer bought Dippin Dots from out of bankruptcy for a fraction of what the company is worth today,  He then managed to use his business smarts to turn it into the huge success it is today.  So down to the numbers.


Now since I can’t really find an exact number to give you what I can tell you is that his estimated net worth as of 2019 was estimated to be more than 100 million big ones not too shabby


Scott Fischer



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