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Kembe X Net Worth: How Much Money Does Kembe X Make?



Kembe X Net Worth

Kembe X is an American rapper who is best known for his songs such as “Dollar Please”, “Extremely Good”, and “Schemin On The Scoochies”. As of 2019, Kembe X net worth is estimated to be $200,000.

Kembe X initially found some success through his debut mixtape called Self Rule but had a dip in the middle where he was covered by self-doubt. But, now he is back and better than ever making a lot of quality music that people seem to love.

He was born on August 9, 1994, in the South Suburbs of Chicago. After his father had lost a good job when he was only 15, Kembe would come into a mental rut and a flurry of circumstances and life events would result in him dropping out.

Kembe’s mother is a religious person and as a result, he had a fair share of Christian music in his childhood. Moreover, he is also said to have an older brother who was also an influence in him starting to dive deeper into rap.


He did focus on creating a lot of music since then along with his friend named Alex Wiley. The two at first took music with a light heart with the mindset of it being something fun to do. But, over time, as they saw feedbacks about their music, they started to have added confidence about their music having a space in the big arena of rap.

Then, in 2011, he would release his debut mixtape called Self Rule. It went above even his own expectations and as a result, many partnerships started to follow and there seemed to be a direction in the right place that Kembe was moving in his career. Even Forbes had taken notice of the mixtape. Through his association with the crew simply referred to as The Village, they went on to release the  EP titled Can I Borrow A Dollar.

His biggest success in that early time would come with the release of the LP called Talk Back that had some fiery freestyle verses in it in 2016. At this time, he was affiliated with Top Dawg Entertainment. Yet, he disappeared from the high that he had been able to create with his music. This was not because of his music but rather personal problems in his life that made it hard for him to focus on his music.

But, now with a better mindset in place, Kembe X is back and this time, he seems to have broken all mental barriers. He has released his album called “I Was Depressed Until I Made This” which has many songs that correlate with the personal problems that Kembe went through. The album features artists like IDK, Zacari and Trent The Hooligan.

A good example could be the song named Exclamation where he wrote about the time when he was 23 and had a lot of negativity going on in his head. He had gotten into a heavy drinking bad habit that eventually lead to his alcoholism.

The song showed about the troubles he had accepting his alcoholism in a very raw tone that seems to have connected well with the fans. He says that the goal of his music is to make people want to be more comfortable in the discomfort of his music and to embrace it in comfort.

Kembe X Net Worth Net Worth

Kembe X has an estimated net worth of $200,000. He is getting back into the groove and the momentum seems to be building up for him. Most recently, he was also a part of the Big Redemption Tour. With him mentioning that he is now creating 10 times more music than he used to, we are sure to see some more quality music in the near future from him.

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