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Paul Nassif net worth



Paul Nassif Net Worth

Paul Nassif net worth

Dr. Paul Nassif is a famous plastic surgeon, and he is an expert in the field of rhinoplasty. Dr. Nassif is a Lebanese-American who has jokingly commented on his big nose. He has said that he understands when many people wish to change their features. He began his career with Dr. Terry Dubrow on a reality show on T.V. known as “Botched.” He may continue working on the show that has helped him gather notoriety because of his considerable skills as a plastic surgeon. He can also make adjustments to ethnic noses and possesses many perfected face life techniques that leave his patients scarless. He specializes in delivering a perfect nose.


Real Name: Paul Sabin Nassif.

Nick Name Paul Nassif.

Profession: Doctor.

Birthday: 6 June 1962.

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California.

Height: 1.78 m.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini.

Nationality: American.

Ethnicity: Lebanese-American.


Father: Sabin Nassif.

Mother: Anne Nassif.

Siblings: Alexis Nassif, Chris Nassif.

Net Worth: $16 million.

Paul Nassif New Wife

Religion: Mixed.

Education: M.D., F.A.C.S.

Social Media Pages:





Twitter at the bottom.

Early Life

Dr. Paul Nassif was born in the city of Los Angeles in 1962. It was here in L.A. that he received his primary education. Paul has a brother called Chris Nassif, who is a popular talent agent. Chris is also the president of the organization “Diverse Talent Group”. Paul attended school in the highly acclaimed Loyola High School in L.A. Later, after finishing high school, he attended the University of California. After completing graduation from this prestigious institution, Paul decided to take up Medicine as his career. He went to Chicago to pursue this goal.

It was in Chicago that he was admitted to the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. The place was also known as Chicago Medical School. Paul studied Medicine at the school for two years, but for the next two years, he attended the University Of South California Medical School. He completed the medicine course and got his degree in 1992. He went to the University of New Mexico for an internship where he worked in the Health Sciences Center. He completed the internship in the field of general surgery residency. He was appointed as the head of Otolaryngology at New Mexico University.

Paul also spent some time working at the residency of the neck and head surgeries. The complete duration of his stay at the New Mexico University Health Science Center, which spanned over a period of 4 years from 1993 to 1997. Dr. Paul Nassif married Adrienne Maloof in 2002. She is the daughter of Collin Maloof, both of whom owned several businesses within the Maloof group of companies. Paul Nassif has three children with Adrienne, and this family lived in Beverly Hills. But in 2012, Paul filed for separation. In July of the same year, he filed for a divorce plea, and it was accepted in November. They parted ways in November.

CareerPaul Nassif


After he had acquired fellowship in the year 1998, Paul Nassif went on to study facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He learned this art at the St. Louis University School of Medicine. In 2014 the famous show “Blotched” was being transmitted by E! The show aired for three seasons, and he has also taken part in Dr. 90210. It was a part of E! Productions. In the year 2015, in the month of October, another series based on “Blotched” was announced. It was called “Botched by Nature”. The show premiered on 9 August 2016. Dr. Paul Nassif also featured on the show along with Dr. Terry Dubrow.


Paul Nassif has won many fellowships during his days as a medical practitioner for studying in various reputed institutions. Nassif has also become a successful T.V. personality apart from being a successful and highly qualified medical practitioner. It is an accomplishment worth the praise he gets. As of May 2020, Paul Nassif is worth around $16 million, and he owes it to no one but himself. Unlike many other plastic surgeons who have made money from their craft, Paul Nassif has been able to exhibit his knowledge and skills on T.V. and distinguish himself.

He was able to set his career on an exciting trajectory. He also began to appear in many media shows for discussing cosmetic surgery, but the main breakthrough was “Blotched!” He also co-hosted “Dr. 90210” for E! along with Dr. Terry Dubrow. He also appeared on the shows “Entertainment Tonight” and “Good Morning America”.


Paul Nassif has green eyes and dark brown hair. After he divorced Adrienne Maloof, it was rumored that he was involved with a girlfriend in the year 2014. However, these reports were not confirmed. Adrienne was particularly angry when Paul started to go around with a hot girl and was of the opinion that the girl was in the life of Paul even before her split with Paul. Paul was also accused of child abuse and was investigated by the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services. He was also prosecuted by a former patient for a nose job gone wrong.

Paul Nassif is also extremely active on social media and has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He has more than 322K fans following him on Twitter. There are 841K followers on Instagram, and the Facebook subscription has more than 317K followers.

Views on Plastic Surgery

In the month of August, in 2019, Paul Nassif opened up on the show Hello! He talked about getting into this field of plastic surgery in the first place. He said that while he was doing his residency (this means training in a teaching hospital), a 6-year old boy approached him after being attacked by two pit-bulls. Paul spent a long time reconstructing the little boy who gave him a lot of joy and pleasure. It was during this period he decided that he is going to specialize in the field, he reminisced.

Paul Nassif is not like other surgeons who just provide their patients what they ask, even when it is not proper for them. Paul is focused on showing them the light. He says he is not a typical doctor who will just do what the patient asks. He doesn’t do that. He tries to give them what he wants, of course, provided they agree with it. From his experience, he knows what is good for them. He has a small discussion with the patient where he tells them that, rather than going for this, it is better to do that, etc. If the patient is on board with him, they proceed if they do not like it is decided that they are not suitable for each other.

During his practice, he says no to around 10-15% of his patients. It has served him well so far. The Botched star has amassed a massive fortune working as a plastic surgeon and a T.V. reality show participant. He has fixed some noses in his time.

Who has greater wealth? Dr. Paul Nassif or Dr. Terry Dubrow?

Viewers have been watching these two doctors since 2014, helping patients who are not aware of who to turn to when a surgical procedure doesn’t go as planned. These “Blotched” doctors provide hope to the patients and try to change their lives and entertain the viewers at the same time with banter. They are both very good at what they do and are in great demand. Therefore, we know that they are worth quite a bit. But who has more wealth? Dr. Dubrow has been in practice for a more extended period and has a greater net worth, but Dr. Paul Nassif is not far behind.

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