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James Strawbridge Net Worth: How Rich is James Strawbridge Actually?



James Strawbridge Net Worth

James Strawbridge is a chef, author, and sustainable living expert He is the Executive Chef of Havener’s Bar & Grill in Fowey. Moreover, he is also well known for being part of the show called Hungry Sailors along with his father Dick Strawbridge. As of 2019, James Strawbridge net worth is estimated to be $600,000.

He had studied at the prestigious York University where he graduated with a first-class honors degree in modern history. He was nurtured from a young age about the importance of sustainable living and when in his gap year, he decided to go on a journey to Nepal, this would be validated further and would set the tone of his perception on the way to live which he would promote as he got older.

James has made a name for himself as a celebrity chef thanks to his expertise as well as personality that comes with a handsome outlook. As part of his mission to promote sustainable living, James was part of BBC2’s It’s Not Easy Being Green that included a total of three series.

Moreover, he also runs pop up restaurants around a BBQ Smokehouse theme and smoked food is one of the items that he specializes in. He has been associated with developing recipes for the largest UK charcoal producer. James has even released a book on the subject called Smoked Food: A Manual for Home Smoking.

He has been the co-presenter of UKTV History’s The Reinventors along with his father Dick Strawbridge, who is a well-known figure himself being a part of the hit show called Escape to the Chateau. James had recently been a part of one of the episodes which saw him cooking food for over 100 guests during a special occasion.

He is very serious about sustainable living and in a recent interview where he talked about the details after buying his first home, he mentioned that the home was made to be as sustainable as possible with the inclusion of a green electricity tariff, installing water-saving devices, putting up thick curtains and insulating the roof.

James Strawbridge Net Worth: $600,000

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