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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth: 5 Facts You Need To Know



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the biggest and youngest female politicians to serve in the New York Congress. A political activist, Congresswoman, and clever politician. Born to a Catholic family of Bianca and Sergio Ocasio Cortez on October 13, 1989, in New York City.

A self acclaimed democratic socialist, pulled one of the biggest upset in the 2018 Democrat primaries unseating the incumbent Caucus Chair Joe Crowley in the seat for US Representative for New York 14th Congressional District.

She had a bright educational status while in High school winning major projects and even had an asteroid named after her. Though she suffered hiccups on her journey to the top today she’s a decorated lady at 29yrs of age in New York Congress.

Here are five interesting facts about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez including her personal life, net worth and achievements so far.

1. Personal life and History

She was born in New York, where she attended Yorktown high school and later went to Boston University to study International Relations and Economics. During his year in high school, she participated in a project on the ” Effect of antioxidant on the lifespan of the nematode O Elegans” which she did impressively and got her name called by an asteroid. Things weren’t easy for Alexandria as her father shockingly died of lung cancer, she had to fend for the family thereby taking extra jobs to assist her mother who worked nearby as a bus driver.

2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth (in figure)

As of 2019 (March), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez net worth stands at $7,000 and this due to her college debt (Boston University), Accommodation costs and maintenance and campaign funds.

Her salary at Congress is currently $174,000. She will receive roughly $139,200 after tax. Calculating these figure, if she remains in Congress for nine years. She will be a millionaire by the time she is 38 years old.

3. Biggest Success:

Alexandra’s Success in 2018 was one of the upsets in US politics. She contested against fellow Democrat, the incumbent congressman of New York and floored the incumbent. It was a big success to her political career as she became the youngest lady in the New York congress and upset to others because it was a shock.

Her election to Congress increased her fame, influence in the US as she became the most talked behind president Trump. Her primary win garnered nationwide commendations, media attention, interviews on a TV talk show and numerous articles published. It was a big success for her in 2018.

4. Activism:

Alexandria is a natural born Activist. She has challenged norms and tides in every sphere of her life. A self-acclaimed democratic socialist advocated for the following :

Medicare for All
Federal jobs guarantee
A proposed green new deal
Abolishing US immigration and custom enforcement
Free public college and trade school
70% marginal tax rate for incomes above $10milion

These are the mandate she advocated for, her activism won her the election and also gained fame and sweet personality.

5. Green New Deal

Ocasio Cortez proposed her first piece of legislation titled ‘The Green New Deal’ to the Senate on February 7, 2019. The main objective of the deal was to eliminate the use of fossil fuel in the next 10 year and also to address climate change transitioning the United States to 100% Renewable energy sources.

However, her plan failed to impress many of Republican members and also some members of her own party including Nancy Pelosi. Her bill got 57-0 defeat on the Senate floor.

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