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Jade Cline Net Worth: How Rich is the Teen Mom star Actually?



Jade Cline Net Worth

Jade Cline is a TV personality who is best known for being a part of different MTV shows including “Teen Mom” and the “Young and Pregnant”. She replaced Jenelle Evans in the second half of Season 9 of Teen Mom 2. As of 2019, Jade Cline net worth is estimated to be $150,000.

Jade was born on June 10, 1996, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Jade’s family has a restaurant where her grandparents are co-owners and it is located in Indiana itself. She works as a waitress there yet has taken sabbaticals because of her association with Teen Mom.

Yet, for her future and that of her family, she is currently a cosmetology student and is preparing to become a hairstylist with her intention to have a full-time career focused upon this field.

Cline had been in a relationship with Sean Austin. Austin had even proposed to her in early 2018 and at that time, it seemed that the two were to be together forever. However, things went in the wrong direction since Cline was skeptical that Austin might be on drugs.

This would later be confirmed and though initially, she had forgiven him once, it would be a big No the next time going their separate ways in early 2019. The two do have a daughter together who was born on September 18th, 2017 named Kloie Kenna Austin.

Cline was only 19 when she had Kloie. Though Cline and Austin have separate, they have maintained cooperation so that their daughter can get the best nurturing during these early years of her life.

Cline’s world centers around Kloie and it is because of her as well that her relationship with her mother Chrissy has weakened over time. She was arrested on drug charges and Cline was hurt by this revealation and wants her to stay far from her daughter.

Cline came in the middle of Season 9 of Teen Mom and has been among the fan favorites ever since Jenelle Evans was fired from the show after there were serious issues publicized with her husband David.

Jade Cline Net Worth: $150,000

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