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Cyril Hanouna Net Worth: How Rich is the French TV Star?



Cyril Hanouna Net Worth

Cyril Valéry Hanouna is a French radio and television presenter, writer, and producer. Hanouna is a polarizing figure who is best known for being the host of the popular French TV show Touche Pas à Mon Poste! As of 2019, Cyril Hanouna net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Hanouna was born on 23 September 1974 in Paris, France. Since his father was a successful doctor, Hanouna too wanted to follow in his path. But, because of several reasons, he wasn’t able to walk this path and rather decided to become a chartered accountant.

Yet, there would be further failures for him as he wasn’t able to continue his studies. However, Hanouna did not give up and always believed in himself that he had the potential to become someone in life.

He then made his entry into the television industry by being a part of the television channel Comédie+  where he started off by writing different lyrics for trailers. Over time, he became a co-host of the third series of La Grosse Émission. It was here that he started to thrive.

He started to host the radio show called Planet Arthur and in 2003, he became the host of the morning show called Morning Live on M6.

Hanouna made his television debut in 1999 on the television channel Comédie+ where he wrote the lyrics for the trailers. Hanouna became a television presenter in 2002 when he co-hosted the morning show Morning Live.

By this time, Hanouna had built a solid reputation in the industry and started getting even better offers. He now has his own production company as well called H2O Productions. He is a person high in demand and that can be justified by the fact that Bolloré spent 250 million Euros to keep Hanouna on his team.

However, Hanouna is often criticized for making sexist and homophobic jokes. He was even drawn by Charlie Hebdo as a mosquito sucking out children’s brains. In one segment of his show, Hanouna had created some offensive content that resulted in more than 20,000 complaints to regulators and condemnation from LGBT groups.

Cyril Hanouna Net Worth: $5 million

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