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Megan Thee Stallion Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know



Megan Thee Stallion Net Worth

Megan Pete, who is well known by her stage name as Megan Thee Stallion, is a young American rapper.

Here are some interesting facts about Megan Thee Stallion:

1. Megan Thee Stallion net worth is estimated to be $200,000

As of 2019, her net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $200,000. She hasn’t really stepped in full time towards this field yet she has already been able to make some money through the shows she has done. She also has a mammoth following of over 1.4 million followers and has also shown interest in the coming days in producing horror movies which she says is currently too surprising and repetitive.

Megan Thee Stallion Net Worth 2019 $200,000
Megan Thee Stallion Net Worth 2018 $50,000
Megan Thee Stallion Net Worth 2017 Not Available

2. Her mother took her to the studio instead of daycare

Megan was born on February 15, 1995, in Houston, Texas. She was the daughter of Holly Thomas who was also a rapper using the moniker Holly-Wood. As a result of being born to a rapper, she was exposed to this field from a very young age. Megan didn’t even go to daycare and rather had spent that time together with her mother in the studio.

3. She began writing her own raps by the age of 14

Since her early exposure to rap, she grew more and more interested towards it with time and by her early teens was busy writing her own raps. She didn’t think of it as taking in the direction of a career until she was 21 years old. Only at that time, when she started to freestyle did she have the realization about the potential within her to be a rapper.

A clip in 2013 that went viral also helped her build her own self-confidence. This was clip was during a cipher where she was battling against male opponents at the Prairie View A&M University. That is also the time when her social media had started to grow.

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4. She is the only female rapper to be signed to the record label 300 Entertainment


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2018 would be the year that 300 Entertainment signed Megan to their label and in the process would become the first-ever female rapper in the label. Then, she started 2019 with the release of a single called “Big Ole Freak” which was included in her EP called Tina Snow. The song would also end up in the Billboard Hot 100. Recently, she made the announcement that her album named “Fever” would be released on May 17, 2019.

5. She is a full-time student at Texas Southern University

She had taken some time off of studies but in 2019 she has continued her remaining studies at Texas Southern University and she is currently in her third year. Her studies are focused on health administration and there is a lot of purpose behind it.

Her mother, who had passed away recently because of a cancerous brain tumor, was the inspiration and influence behind Megan’s decision to Her mother influenced her decision to get her degree in Health Administration and also helped foster Pete’s wish to establish assisted-living facilities in her hometown of Houston, Texas. She says that after graduation this would be a goal that she would work upon making a reality.

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