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Asian Doll Net Worth: 5 Interesting Facts To Know About Her



Asian Doll Net Worth

Misharron Jamesha Allen, who is better known by her stage name as Asian Doll or Asian Da Brat, is a young American rapper. She is the first female artist to be signed to Gucci Mane’s label called 1017 Records.

Here are some interesting facts about Asian Doll including her net worth, personal life, career and more.

1. Asian Doll Net Worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

Asian Doll is rising to become a prominent name now in the world of hip-hop, especially among her female peers. She is known for maintaining a mysterious persona throughout her career. This has actually caused a lot of people to be more curious about her as when she tends to perform, it is at a very high level. Most of her earnings have been through the different shows that she has performed in where she has collaborated in many of them as well.

Asian Doll Net Worth 2019 $500,000
Asian Doll Net Worth 2018 $200,000
Asian Doll Net Worth 2017 Not Available


2. She realized her talents while she was in school.

Allen was born on December 7, 1996. When she was in school, she used to rap for fun. Slowly, she got good at it and one day when one of her classmates recorded the rap and showed it to other classmates, they were impressed and encouraged her to keep on making such raps. From there on, a lot of time was more focused on practicing this art rather than focusing on her studies.

3. She eventually made the bold decision to drop out of school.

High school had started for Allen and at the same time, she had created a name for herself and was also busy performing in some local shows. It was then that she had to make the tough decision to drop out of school.

This decision was even harder to make since her parents were not receptive to the idea of her being a rapper and wanted her to rather focus on her studies for a secure future. But in the end, Allen decided to follow her heart and after making this decision, she spent all of her time now focusing upon the music.

4. ‘Drippin in Glo’ was a big hit and her breakout album.

Her career officially started in the professional lane when she released her debut album called ‘Kill Bill, Vol. 1’. She then went on to release ‘Rise of Barbie Doll Gang’ on December 16, 2015. Then, the next year, she would release ‘Project Princess Vol. 1’ that had started to develop a big following for her. However, it was the album named ‘Drippin in Glo’ that would be the biggest hit of them all and brought her serious fame. Since then, she has released the album ‘Outtaspace’.

5. She has been a part of several controversies

Controversies have been as common as releasing an album for Asian Doll. One of her controversies was with Cuban Doll who had made a racial comment against her. This brawl would go to social media as well where her followers were in opposition with that of Cuban Doll. She also had a verbal dispute with Bali Baby of a similar type.

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