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Faze banks Net Worth: How Rich is Faze Banks Actually?



Faze banks Net Worth

Ricky Banks, who is better known as Faze Banks, is an American Youtuber and the co-owner of the most subscribed gaming group of Call of Duty called Faze Clan which has more than 7 million subscribers. Moreover, his own channel has close to 5.5 million subscribers. Moreover, he is also credited for the formation of the Clout gang which is also a gaming group that was formed in 2017. As of 2019, Faze Banks net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Banks was born on October 18, 1991, in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Apparently, he was a pretty mischievous kid growing up. Such behavior would continue into his career as well which we will see had its own positive and negative impacts.


Banks had initially created a Youtube channel called BanksHasBank way back in 2011. Initially, his activity was limited and he probably didn’t see it as something from which he would make a living. At the time, he was an avid fan of gaming yet streaming culture which is present today was not as grand back in those days.

Yet, he initially uploaded short videos of the kills he made on COD and that eventually led to him being a member of the group called SoaR in 2013. He then got acquainted more with the network of gamers who were also active on Youtube. In 2017, he would collaborate with a Youtuber named Keemstar to create a podcast called “Moms Basement” that would be popular and help him to build up his brand.

The podcast had the presence of some well-known names including Ninja, KSI, and Shane Dawson. Moreover, at this time, he used to live in the Clout House along with other stars such as Rice Gum and Sommer Ray. Though Banks has done some great work, a lot of his career has been overshadowed by controversies. He was once blamed to have caused some injuries to Jake Paul’s assistant named Megan Zelly which would actually cause a huge curiosity among fans. He would gain 1 million subscribers in a week after this incident!

Yet, recently he has been in another controversy where he is not the one with the benefit of the doubt. Tfue, who is a growing star under the Faze Clan, had made it public and even went on to sue the company as a whole for inhibiting his abilities to pursue his own career which is against the law in California. There were even accusations about him being pressured to live in one of their homes where he was encouraged to drink and gamble before the legal age of 21. Banks lost many subscribers after the incident but it still hasn’t been completely resolved.

Banks has been experimenting with new things too with one of them being involved in music. He has recently updated his fans about his progress and some works as a composer as well as a songwriter. Yet, there seems to be a lot of scope for someone like him in being a producer. With over 2.8 million followers on his Instagram profile alone, Banks has been racking up the collaborations with a new project to be announced together with Mike Majlak.

Faze banks Net Worth

Banks has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He has done very well for himself over the years yet he does have a high spending appetite that has resulted in his expenses and liabilities increase. He recently updated to his fans how he and his fellow colleagues are living in a $15 million house.

Recently, he again had another controversy where his hotel room in Las Vegas was seen to be completely thrashed after a wild party that went out of control. The total damages incurred totaled $30,000 for one night which is a ridiculous amount.

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