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Dee Watkins Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper Actually?



Dee Watkins Net Worth

Dee Watkins is an emerging American rapper who is known for his unique flow of music. He has released many songs with his new releases such as “Hell Raiser” being able to garner a lot of attention. As of 2019, Dee Watkins net worth is estimated to be $400,000.

Watkins was born on August 7, 1998, in Baker, Florida. During his high school days, Watkins was very active as an athlete playing an integral part in his school’s football team. Moreover, he is still a big fan of the game and seems to be a supporter of the Florida State football team.

It was also during his high school days that Watkins had initially tinkered with the idea of being a rapper. He used to listen to a lot of music but it was here that he started to rap and create his own music.

As with his generation of music enthusiasts, he explored Soundcloud to release his music as it provided an audience of fans. He was actively releasing his different songs on the platform and here he started to see that he indeed could “make it” in the world of music when songs like “Down for Me” created a  buzz in the platform.

He went on to release songs such as “No Case” and “Iron Man”. Though he has had interests shown from different record labels, Watkins is still running solo as of right now. Recently, he released a new mixtape called Problem Child which includes an array of songs including “Hell Raiser”.

Songs such as this have been among his most popular as it depicts the power in youth and the nature of being reckless at the time. Previously, his biggest hit had been the song “Bad Ass Jit”. His music has been compared with the rapper Yung Simmie since he too came from Florida.

Watkins has already developed a fan base of over 100k followers on Instagram and has been able to do several collaborations with young artists such as Lil Tjay.

Dee Watkins Net Worth: $400,000

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