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1TakeJay Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper Actually?



1TakeJay Net Worth

1TakeJay is an American rapper who is from Compton, California. Some of his popular songs include “I Like Bi!tches”, “Arco”, and “I Know”. As of 2019, 1TakeJay net worth is estimated to be $300,000.

His mother was a fan of the rap genre and as a result, from a very young age, Jay was exposed to rap and over time, started to rap as well. But, at the same time, he grew up loving sports and was an athlete having been a former wide receiver and cornerback from Compton. Moreover, many of his friends are athletes too.

He is part of the 1Take collective which also includes the likes of 1TakeQuan and 1TakeTeezy. Jay mentions how 1TakeTeezy was a major inspiration for him to pursue a career in rap and was inspired by what Teezy was able to build from scratch.

It was during this early time that their group would be making music all day. In their earlier videos, they would receive only around 100 plays on Soundcloud but that started to drastically increase over time and acted as motivation to see the growth that they were receiving as well as the love for the music.

He comes from a background in the Comptons and as a result, he mentions how this gives him different perspectives because he was exposed to many things from a young age which the majority of people might not have experienced. Yet, he has stuck out from bad influences and doesn’t even smoke. He says that it is pointless for him.

Moreover, he is only a social drinker. Jay has now shifted directions towards Los Angeles where he is currently based. He says that there is a whole new world of opportunities that open up here and says that the environment here is actually pretty different.

He isn’t signed to any label right now though there are many who have their eyes on signing him. Jay says that he hasn’t even thought about being signed yet since there is so much progress happening with him on his own so far.

1TakeJay Net Worth: $300,000

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